thanks so much threadless and alice!!!

hi folks,

thank you all so much for the love you give us for this design! i am happy that alice shared this awesome idea with me.

and thanks to threadless for making an supersweet hoodie!

here is the front prit of the hoodie:

Watch this
soloyo profile pic Alumni

Third actually! Traveling Circus was the second one.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Well deserved!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

congrats, you are sooooo talented, sooo gifted. Thanks for this peace of art ;-)

Jebs profile pic Alumni

i meant "piece" (i'm tired, sorry)

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Congrats, this is AMAZING!


excellent work!!!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

way to go peter, alice

you guys RULE

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

congrats guys!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

This is beyond perfect in both concept and execution. Well deserved guys. congrats!

uncannyxjen profile pic Alumni

I love this shirt! Can you guess by my screen name? Congrats!


yet another classic Threadless "pointless" shirt; it's not graphically interesting, it doesn't make sense. Coming from the genera of 11 year old boys who couldn't wait for new episodes on Fox Saturday morning, I'm kind of offended. One would think living in a city with such a thriving fashion and design community Threadless could showcase something a little less vapid.


en caveat, Threadless has great potential, and the idea is sound; you just can't go around printing stuff for the sake of doing it. You waste material, and lose clientele basis. Stay smart, Threadless.


absolutely gorgeous! congrats!


who are the gorilla and the panther suppose to be?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Not an XMEN fan, but a BIIIG fan of pop culture references this clever and beautiful to thine eyes! Congrats big time to Alice and Petey!

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

I knew this one would print! Turned out great! Congrats!


Me likey the cleverness! I say, print stuff for the sake of doing it! Rather, print stuff that enough people have voted in favor of being printed (which is, methinks, how Threadless works, yes?).

So, I Professor X a possum? His head struck me as owl-ish at first, but that didn't jive with the fearsome forepaws, but all of this could be just me.


I'm so happy this got printed! I've been waiting for the day I could buy this since I first scored it a 5! Congratulations this shirt is truly ASTONISHING!

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Congratulations guys... deserved!!!!


Maybe I'm missing something huge but I cannot figure out who the tiny cardinal in front of the Phoenix is. I thought I was well versed in X-Men..... Great shirt! Bought it yesterday!


Alright, I know the gorilla is Beast, the wolf is Wolverine the panther is Rouge, the chimp is Nightcralwer, the mole is Prof. X, and I'm guessing the horse is Storm, the phoenix is Jean, the polar bear is Iceman and the eagle/hawk is either Gambit or Cyclops. Could you tell me who the rest and whichever ones I got wrong are? Also, very great design! Getting it as a hoody!

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