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  • by Frosby
  • posted Jul 26, 2010

Wow! I'm so surprised and honoured to have my first design for Threadless printed! So here's my oscar speech: I want to thank my friend Flow Bohl and Francis Ford Coppola, who's thoughts on 3D cinema inspired me to cook up this cheeky design. I also want to thank everyone who voted and Threadless for creating such an inspiring space for designers to work in. The critique stage has really improved my designs, and seeing so much creative work on the site is actually warping / evolving my brain!

I also love the comments.. my fave: "I want one for James Cameron" (eponymon)

Maybe a blogger out there can photoshop this - as I'm in the UK, it could be 10 days before I get the shirt!

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way 2 go!

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haha, awesome shirt. I hate all the 3D cinema crap that's happening and wish it would go away. So it speaks what's on my mind perfectly. Will be purchasing when I've got a little extra cash to spend.


It's perfect. But cinemas here don't charge extra for the 3D thing (same price as non-3D). I'm sick and tired of movie-makers touting the 3D phenomenon though - it's just a cheap, kiddy gimmick that adds zero value to the movie-going experience. Congratulations btw - nice design! I will get it eventually! :)


Congrats! Great shirt. And I agree, I'm not impressed at all by the 3D phenomenon. I mean, 3D TVs now? What more of a headache-inducing waste of money could there be? :(

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James Cameron has done a U-turn on 3d movies!

He's the first to snap up a shirt:

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but wait.. how was he was spotted on set wearing the design? The only explanation is that he had a sudden catharsis about 3d, bought the t-shirt, then went back in his time-machine submarine. He does have the technology after all, so he can do what he likes!

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And look! Another Cameron is wearing the shirt.. British Prime minister David Cameron, with a growing budget deficit, has had to sell the Bentley and ride his bike to work. He definitely wants his money back from every British taxpayer!

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haha,these photohacks are hilarious Frosby!

While I actually enjoy a lot of 3d movies I have seen, the great majority of them are in a "me too!" boat of using the latest special effect and whiz-bang audience attractor just for the sake of it being available instead of any storytelling advantage.

Can't wait to see the epitome of shitt-tee in Step Up 3DDDDDD BAYBEE! I will only dig this film if girls do full frontal splits right at the camera. Now THAT'S using another dimension to its fullest artistic capacity!


You are absolutely right! Away with all this Pseudo-3D-Anaglyph-Crap! And take all converted movies with you! (And Headache-Comments, too...) :-)

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Exactly - it's done in post production now! I saw Toy Story '3D' this week. The film was great, it's really funny - but there was not a single use of 3D at all. I had to pay more money for glasses to give me a 2D image, which would have been far better to watch without glasses. This is a joke.. in the UK we are now paying an extra fee for a 3d film, and then another fee for the digital 'technology'... What?!!!


Oh dear, I feel your pain. I had no idea things were this way in the UK. In Singapore, we always have 2 choices: watch the movie normally, or in 3D. Both are the same "normal" ticket price. Hardly anyone here chooses the 3D option.


Definitely getting a buy from me! The closest theater to my house has been showing a lot of movies in 3D lately while charging extra and not offering a 2D version. Plus, the 3D is just a last-minute bandwagon thing. None of the movies are actually utilizing the technology. Needless to say, I'm p'od. I will wear this shirt to the movies to stick it to the man :)

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