Couch Surfer

  • by Jeiji
  • posted Jul 19, 2010

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Uuuuum yeah. Another life-inspired design. Did this for about 1.75 years, and I officially ended my long run, hahah.


I'm currently on my second month stretch!!! Couch surfing is gooooooooooooood. Very nice illo. Hand drawn?

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Yuuuup, hand drawn!


I like this illustration. The only thing that I dont like is his right arm, the forshortening isn't really working here it looks like a stubby arm. Also I think his hair could use a little work. Other than that I think this is ready to be colored! Great idea!

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I HATE FORSHORTENING! Yeah, I should work on that, I have ALWAYS had trouble with it.


ya color it up and maybe add some waves or water?


Waves are comin' up next. This is just the guy, I want to add some cool ocean spray and probably have it on a light blue background.


Looks great aside from the right arm, and I definitely think it'd look better with some wave action. I almost want to see it from a different angle, though...

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looks pretty cool...i want to see some color though to make it really stand out =)

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

very nice, only thing is the right arm the perspective seems a tiny bit off, other then that looking good


i like it. and i agree, you need to work on that arm


It'll look great when its finished.


i've dated a german girl who did a lot of couch surfing, never tried it myself but am interested to...:) anyways, great dynemic illustration!!! the foreshortning on the arm is wrong though, so fix that... Please score my design: Bearminator


Wow. Great idea. I just think right arm weird. Its design is very good and accurate color, in my opinion.


awesome idea. the right arm is weird but its gonna be awesome with color!

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that looks great! as others have said, just fix up that right arm and add waves. :)



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Lol seriously, though, I should really have seen that right arm, it DOES look über funny. Thanks everybody for seeing that and your comments!


Oh, and yeah, I had to couch surf just for my college days, I did it out of necessity, haha. I never got to go out of the country, but I might try couch surfing to japan.


Okaaaaaay so it's 3 colors. I want to keep it as low on the colors as possible, and 3's as low as I can go, GWAAAAAIZ. Whatcha' thinkin'? Oh and I fixed the forshortening/perspective of the right hand!


This idea rules. Only thing I would change is maybe smooth out the lines a little bit. Lookin' a little pixelly. Otherwise, awesome design.


looks better with for some reason the left hand looks awkward up the hand instead of having all the fingers together =)


For some reason I can't get the V2 picture to shoooow.. whiiiine. V1 looks pretty snazzy, though. I like that idea. I do that all the time. =D


Win! :) Looks great! Awesome idea I think!


Yeah, you should open up the left hand similar to the right hand. Anyways, looks great!


Oh, tenks yu gwaiz! But yeah, thanks for the insight on the OOOTHER hand. Haaaands are clearly my weakness. I might redraw that.


What about waves? I kinda' like it more without it, now. I was going to add them, but I like the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the guy alone. Plus then, printing it is easier.


I would add more highlights like shadows etc. to really bring life to it. and atleast try waves to see.


Thanks, anddon't worry shadows are coming next. But I don't know if I want highlights. In this case it'd mean more colors, and also, It might not work.


So how would you incorporate the waves, guys? I don't know if I want to, but if I do, I'm not sure if I should show the surf under him like he's in the air, or if I should show him sliding along the spine of the wave.


Ya you should definitely incorporate waves, but maybe make them waves of front room stuff like tvs remotes or something great designing so far though, good luck!

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I like it a whole lot but I would get rid of the spring and the woo! sticker because they don't seem to flow well with the rest of it but that's just my opinion


looking good. maybe add a wave of remotes or something because it looks like he is flying right now


Well actually, the couch surfing I'm speaking of is the kind where you sleep from couch to couch to save money on housing expenses, NOT CHANNEL surfing, lol! So no remotes will be involved other than another prop flying off the couch into the waves, haha.


Ah cool! Love this a lot, the colours are awesome and such a wonderful design that I'm surprised I hadn't seen before. This will be a printer for sure and I'm adding you to my watch list!

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That is awesome. I would totally wear it. Love how the couch is all tore up. The only thing I might do is add some shading to the surfer and his "board" Other than that, its pure sweetness.


looks much better now! add some shadows and highlights... also, to better place it on a tee, maybe create a wave like illustration into the background which will use the tee color, and maybe two more colors...

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i can't critique your design, it won't show me v2.


Oh, I wonder why... For some reason people have trouble viewing my tees when they're JPEGs. Maybe I'll start doing GIFs...

brainrust profile pic Alumni

The pics are showing fine for me. This idea is a worthwhile one and the drawing of the guy is good as well. Some of the marks on the couch look a bit rushed to me. A wave could be nice, maybe just a bow wave like you find around a boat, not the full wave itself.


Okaaaay so those ARE NOT THE REAL WAVE LINES! They're a test quickly done with a mouse in PS. But do you think something LIKE this would work, GWAAAAIZ?


I'm digging the lines coming from the looks better to me =)

matt attack

yea i reckon. something along those lines would work a treat!!


Intricate dread work. I thought one of the dreads was his eye though. It might help if it were pulled out past his nose.


it's a cool idea...I'd put a LOT more detail in the's lacking compared to the rest of it...if you put the same quality into the water as the couch you could really do well here...water can be hard to could always find some pictures and paste 'em together and trace out a "composite" of the best parts...something like that...just a thought :)

NGee profile pic Alumni

Nice idea, but I'd like to see some shading to give this more depth.


I wonder if you could do something different with the water. Surfers like to get into the blue room, which is the tube of a rolling wave...


i agree with flowtees, though if you work on the current formation you have going and add some colors and depth it might work as well:)

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