adult swim

  • by tiptoer
  • posted Jul 17, 2010

Watch this

I really like the colors here, but I wasn't sure which color shirt... the dark gray seemed to pop the colors a little more... open to any suggestions!


I LOVE this. It's hilarious! I think the dark gray is a good choice. You're right about it making the colors pop, and it goes with the "dark" yet kooky humor of the idea!

Please critique mine too!


Thanks! Any other ideas about placement would help too!


haha, design looks great...might be cool to see you take the parody all the way and shrink down and center the image between the "[ ]", on straight black.


YOu have no idea how often I've done this on hot days. This would resonate well with adults like me who haven't quite outgrown their childish desires. But yeah, I would make it smaller on the T and perhaps put in more detail like puddles outside of the paddling-pool to indicate overflowing.

Please help me and show some love for Under the Kilt. Thanks!


haha! this is funny.... it needs something though. Not sure what yet. maybe more detail in the face???

please comment on mine


thanks guys! I like the idea of there being water outside of the pool... I will play with that today some... I will also look at placement and size a bit... I'm not sure about a Black shirt... I tried it when I was working on it... and I just personally like the charcoal color better than straight black... and I'd also really like to try to keep her face expressionless... I will play a bit and re-post soon!


So I shrank it a little bit... I thought the larger version just made it look off center by accident... I also added some water puddling around the pool to add a more "sad" feeling... Thought... does the water need to be on a plane? Should I add grass at the bottom to give her something to be standing on, or does the floating thing work? Thanks for all your great input!


shameless bump before bed! Love to hear your feedback!


Another shameless bump... I think i posted too late at night... let me know what you guys think... the more I look at it... the more Im thinking maybe it doesnt need the water outside the pool?


I don't think it needs the water on the outside. And maybe put her in a bikini, so it's more obvious that she's an adult. I would pick a brighter shirt as well to compliment the vibrant colors of your illustration. And I'm not sure if you traced someone, but the legs almost look too small for the body, like they need to be a tad longer.


I will play with the idea of a bikini... I like that... I did trace someone... but maybe its because her feet are underwater, that it gives the illusion of shorter legs? Thanks!

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Stick a robot chicken next to it!

Also, some ripples around her ankles would be nice.


good idea, but it could use more detail (line-work, shading, features, etc...), also maybe the positioning could be changed to just putting it in the middle of the shirt...a lot of people like to try and be different and put it in the bottom corner, but I'm personally not a fan...a bit too obvious and "trendy"...but that's just my opinion :)

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