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Can O' Rainbox ReWork

  • by jaredjams
  • posted Jul 16, 2010

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a rework of an older piece


This is really cool, but I feel like the drop shadow underneath the paint and the can aren't necessary. It detracts from the brightness of the colors and the splattery texture. If you want the design to pop more, I'd try putting it on different color shirts instead.

Linh Empire

i think u should atleast drop the shadow at the end of paint to make it look like its on the shirt. amazing design


yay... im glad im not the only one who likes it :D ill drop the shadow... except for under the paint can.. maybe make it a smaller shadow too, seeing as im going for the can in pocket look,. but i really do appreciate the comments.. its like devoting a lot of time and effort so its a part of you, regardless thanks


Uhm. Okay. My comment disappeared on me. To but recap. I LOVE THIS and I'd SO BUY IT. I agree about the drop shadows.. and don't necessarily get rid of the shadow by the can, but at least make it smaller. it looks like the can is hovering over the shirt rather than pressed against it. But seriously. Awesome job!


new model.. dropped shadows, uhh... changed angle :D


for some reason the dropshadow that i was going to put behind the can wont work anymore :( sometimes adobe lets me down :(


yay thank you! and will do


does anyone think that the can needs something done to it?


the can is fine but will the paint splatters wrap around the sleeve?

please comment on mine


i want it to... but i don't know if they'd print it like that...


this is great! i think it would look even better on a darker shirt, like black of charcoal.

if you have a minute and could rate this and this, i would really appreciate it!!


is black of charcoal a threadless tee color?


do you think i should make the can say something like can o rainbow?


sorry, i meant black OR charcoal in my previous comment. this dark blue is working though. i wouldnt add any words to the can, i think that would probably make it sort of cheesy.


ah this is soooo sweet!! yeah, dont add anywords!! this it totally ready for subbing!! it's great!!


Ohman. I'd so buy this. I want to suggest a black shirt.. but I"m afraid the can would get lost then, even with the highlights. The dark blue works nicely, though.


So this is the presentation file... and what i am most likely going to submit. Please let me know if you see something wrong that needs to be fixed. :D


thanks for the nice comments.... just an fyi for everyone posting their links... I totally understand you wanting help too (Cuz I always want help) but I almost always check out other peoples critiques if they leave me a comment so its not necessary to post your link. Cheers :D


great use of colors, i like it a lot, but how the spray end? do it continues to the back of the tee? or just ended on the tee's shoulder? and maybe you can add more light colors on the spray can, black is too close from the tee's color


thanks narenswonder - in the original design, the paint goes all the way around to the back making a huge splatter and mixing all the colors but i dont know that threadless would print that if this ever were to be selected.


Really cool design. Very unique style.

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