Monster Tea

  • by keseyo
  • posted Jul 13, 2010

Watch this

First Attempt at a tee. :)rnWhat do you guys think?


I LOVE the colours! This will be printed, for sure for sure.

If you could help score this, I'd be so grateful. Thanks!


I agree the teapot might need a bit of fine tuning, but apart from that it's a great design. Pretty much ready to submit I'd say.

Spilled Rainbow

I love it! I think rather than printing it on a darker shirt, you might want to make the tea pot lighter instead. I'm working on my first attempt too...any suggestions are much appreciated! Breakfast to Go


great colors!


i really like it, though i do agree that the teapot needs a little work.

please check out minelink text


i like the colors and the idea. im not sure about the black tee though. i'd try it on some other colored shirts. if you stick with the black one though, i'd maybe change the color of the tea pot. that intense deep blue against the black is an eyesore.

check out mine??


At first glance, that tea pot looked quite evil. Try adding a 'halloween pumpkin' type face on the pot and see how that works. I'd love it if you could check out mine. Please click here


I completely overlooked the whole dark blue on top of black thing! I have no excuse. :o Anyway, here is the tee with a light blue base for the teapot. It did sort of need it, didn't it? Cheers to everyone who posted a comment! If you see anything that could be better in some way, please tell me about it!


I want this so badly @__@

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