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Man and the Moon

  • by tifferlee
  • posted Jul 13, 2010

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Ok, which style up there looks best? I want to get a feel for the best style before doing to rest of the artwork. rnrnAnd if you have other suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.


kh kh kh khu kid cudi

im liking either the A or C. but if i had to pick one. definitely the C. and if you get the time could you critique mine? DIGITALWARFARE


It's hard to say, not knowing what the concept is, but I think either A or C.


I'm looking for a silhouette type of art, but I thought the shading would maybe enhance it. And the name gives a bit of it away.


C looks best

zen beatnik

I prefer C, but I guess that could change depending on the design as a whole.


I was thinking C all along, but sometimes people see textures and automatically turn off, so I was skeptical

NGee profile pic Alumni

C without a doubt.

Please check out my latest critique if you have time, thanks.


I, the C's have it :)



Laser Bear

i think:

a) definitely not b b) the texture on c gives it dimensionality c) a is the most graphical and silhouette-esque

karlijoy profile pic Alumni



I like c as well, but I think the shading should look less photoshop effecty:)

Please score my design: Bearminator


The photoshop effect is the response I was worried about with it.


C it is! I hope to have a new version up soon!


C for sure. I'm really curious to see where this is going to go.

If you could pop over to score this, I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks!


I'm working on the texture of C in the previous version, but here is the basic design. Should there be buildings on the ground? Should I give it clouds or some kind of swirly stuff? I look forward to your comments!


i would add texture/detail to the moon! right now it just looks like a glowing circle. maybe add some craters .


i like the ideea. but i think it needs more work. the tip of the shoes, the face and the moon. more on the moon. try to put some texture on it. like some gray lines showing the craters and stuff. and drop the shadow :) PS if you have the time, please help me out and critique this


Thanks for your comments. As I said, this is a concept. I'm working on textures right now.


Ah, so this is where you were going with this. Pretty trippy. i like random, bizarre designs like these. Put clouds in the background and light dots nears the base of the T to suggest city lights. I think this would wok best if you tiptoe around hints, instead of actually showing stuff.

If you could help me with my last day of voting, I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks!!


I personally wouldn't add anything just work on the man and the moon to liven them up a bit. I looks like the man is hanging from the moon which I'm sure he is and he should be so adding anything else may ground him.

Love it, so random and cool. Like the sillouette too, kind of a "Singing in the Rain" Vibe a bit.

B&W TV when you have a second.


gratz on your dancing tree.

my smoker guy was kick out from scoring for low score the 1 day, i got a new idea check it out hit me


I fixed his face, placed his hand on his head, and gave the moon texture. Still conflicted on what the design is missing. (Buildings, scenery, etc.) Feedback is appreciated!

NGee profile pic Alumni

I would make the gradient around the moon smaller, and maybe put some highlights on the silhouette (he's next to a light source after all!)


Let me know what you think.


Alright, I'm working on a new one, where the gradient of the buildings is flipped so it's dark on top and light on bottom.


haha, i know!



This is a mock up of a different color sky/shirt. I think I'll stick to the coloring of ver. 5, but this looks neat too.


i like v4 better

take a look of my new one


the moon is really nice!


I think you have done an awesome job with this. I do like ver 5 colors better. Also.. just a thought... how about making the buildings a little smaller? I think they are too big for someone that is supposed to be way up in the night sky. other than that i think it is a great design.

Can you take a look at mine when you have a chance?


I like this better... smaller buildings might be the way to go... or one in the foreground of the very top! I like the progression though!


Added more buildings, shortened them. Made the purple more purple than pink.


Wowww, great improvement!! And I like the background and lighting.

mister hill

Awesome. I like the extra depth in the buildings now. - Great work!


maybe some windows in the black buildings? cute


Very nice idea! I think maybe losing the gradient on the buildigns and make them a nice simple grey and black would work better. Might look simpler and nicer. And I agree with the adding of windows, could be a very nice touch. Maybe even a few sillhouettes looking out of them??


HOw about some lights in the buildings to bring the busy city to life?


Good luck!

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