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Spilled Rainbow

I already tried submitting this design and was told I should have it critiqued. Any feedback would be much appreciated.rnThank you!


Methinks it's a little too flat. I Love the bizarre ideas and your illustrations are very charming but there could be thinks to consider like a setting for your items? As it is, the horizon andd sky is just a tad too flat so some finer details could help (cloud, grass - all hinted at of course)

Personally, I think you could just do away with the land horizon altogether and focus on making the sky look like sky since your characters are obviously high as a kite (Question, were you when you came up with this? Sure looks like you were :P ). There are some pretty neat Photoshop cloud brushes available for download anywhere (Google keyword search for that).

Secondly, I'd thin the stroke weight on the items or apply abrush to make it look like pencil lines, sketchy, not as if they were doodled on with a magic marker the way it does now.

Play around with it a little why don't you. This has potential.

If you could just help to score this this and critique this , I'd be so grateful! Thanks!

Spilled Rainbow

I took some suggestions and converted the image to a vector, as well as taking out the ground and adding some more to the sky. Any feedback is much appreciated!


Bacon and eggs...always a winner.


It is cute! But I think you should play the colors on the objects.


It is cute! But I think you should play the colors on the objects.

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much better improvement over v1 for sure.

i would shrink the image down, as oversized prints have more strict color limitations. also try to refine your design to give it more concept. perhaps the food could have wings as well?

always ask yourself, if i were to see this in a shopfront, would i go in and buy it?

Spilled Rainbow

Per suggestions I have shown placement for the design on the shirt, made the sun larger and added some motion lines. Also, I used a different version of the elephant. I'm not sure which one I like better.


Lol... This is getting loopier and loopier. I like elephant no.2, with the determined look on his face but on this layout and T colour.. You sure you're not on something? :P This is getting better with each version.

And as the sun sets on Sheep Stack, a new day dawns on Under the Kilt and I'd appreciate your score and comments on them. Thank you all for your support and encouragement so far.


this is so cute! i agree with jumoppuppyjump, i like the elephant in v.2 with this layout. i think the colored lineart suits the style a lot better, and his determined expression is very, very rad. :)

Spilled Rainbow

I think v2 elephant is better too. I would appreciate suggestions for where/how to add some shadows.

I actually think that this shirt would be perfect for Threadless Kids...hopefully it makes it in! Are there any kid templates out there? I think the design might do better in voting if people see it on a kid and think "Yeah, I might not wear that, but my kid would."

Spilled Rainbow

Unless I get some suggestions, I am going to attempt to submit this design...and then on to the next one!

Spilled Rainbow got rejected again. Any major suggestions for improvement? I wish the people who rejected the designs offered a bit more of an explanation.


Damn, they don't say why it's rejected?

Spilled Rainbow

Nope...and I'm sort of at a loss for what else to do with it. I also can't help but look at some of the designs that at least make it as far as voting and wonder why they got approved but mine didn't. I've started working on other designs.


theres nothing wrong with the design so it must be the concept they don't like. It's frustrating when they send those stock rejection letters alright, but I'm sure they have a reason for rejecting, they just don't tell you what it is. :) Just start on another design I'd say.

Please score mine.


it may be that you have too many colors? I counted about 10 or so unless some of them have been halftoned

Spilled Rainbow

I just don't know...but I have put up a second design, which is totally different and definitely only uses 8 colors. I would love some feedback: Elemental

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