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When I scaned this I was about to get rid off the lines from the notebook, but then I thought why not leave it on the notebook and add that to the design? This is just a layout so you can see the idea. I'm too tired now to work on it. Do you like the notebook idea or should I just put the drawing on the shirt?


I think it might be a good idea to vector it - I'm not so sure about the notebook look =P

Illustration looks good though


Drawing on the shirt. But it's hard for me to tell if you have a good design as is.

Please give me your thoughts on my previous version and new version of a design:

First version here:

Twilight 1

Second version here: Twilight 2


if you can make it work better into the shirt (meaning, without the stark rectangle) then yeah, it might look good. may i suggest making the entire shirt into a page? blue stripes across the shirt with one pink vertical line. you might have to rework the placement of the sketch though


I like the drawing, but loose the white margin. Please tell me what you think about my critique :) : Rock & Roll


to be honest - i LOVE the illustration/drawing...i think you are onto something here but i would vectorize the drawing and get rid of the notepad lines

i could see this work

If you have time please vote on mine - it is up for scoring. Pac-Words


if you stick with the notebook lines, maybe have the extend across the tshirt, so the shirt looks like its notebook paper


Thanks for your thoughts guys. I think I'm gona go with just the drawing and loose the notebook.


Redrawn on a white piece of paper and rescaned. This is pretty much the placement. I just need to color it.


i like the placement and i think this looks better than v1. :)


Thanx guys. I already started painting it, so I will decide is B/W or color better when I'm finished.


Added some color. I'm up to six colors now (including black and white). I will probably finish coloring it tomorrow.


Thanks for the suggestion. Some other people like the B/W version too. I'll finish coloring it and then post both versions to get some feedback.


ma ti si meni zakon ;)))))) odlicna ti je crtez,stvarno imas buuuujnuuu mastu :p


nice work dude it's cool to see some good simple crazy ass drawings. I would have to say that it just feels left out under that green dude. I would keep going with just more and more drawings and if you kept going you could just do one color all together and make it a full belt print that woudl be sweet! But keep going definately I would say add more sketch!


a u k nemogu ovdi da lajkam hahahaha....


I decided to take brenrasmussen's advice and make this into a belt print that goes around the whole T-shirt. This means it will have to be redrawn again and then painted.


This has now been turned in to a belt print and it is the final version of the drawing. I will post again when I color it.

electric_method profile pic Alumni

ahh! awesome stuff, man - lots of fun vibes going on.

try out different palettes, throw em back up here and see what people think!

I like this alot though buddy ,alot!

oh! and if you get a sec, check out my sub as well! This Little Light of Mine just hit it with a vote, and if you like it - lemme know!

keep up the good work!


way better than the previous versions good work, keep it up



Thanks for the feedback guys. I think this will look much better when colored, because there are some details that I will be doing with color only (like the little girl spraying A.C.A.B. on the wall somwhere in the middle of the drawing). That's all the more reason to get started on the coloring.


I'm about halfway finished with the coloring, I just thought I'd post this to see some feedback. These are definitely the final 8 colors, except maybe the brown. The colors on the different objects on the illo are not definite and I might change them up a bit. Any suggestions?


probably one of the coolest ones i have seen... actually. when its done submit it


I have recently been told that the maximum number of colors for belt printing is 3? Can anyone confirm this? That would really suck for my illo.

KaMi WorkShop

That's really nice! I enjoyed to see your work in progress :)

I strongly prefer the colourless one. Would look awesome like this, and also when white on a black tee. I also think you should bring back the design to the top of the tee like it was before v4, or put it on the bottom.

BTW thanks for your comment on the Bamboo Dealer :)


jebote kuro sta je sareno na cemu si bia kad si bojao hahahahaha...sve mi se svida al na rasta man mi se nesvida ta plava majca i smeda mi strsi malo naprema svemu tome....tj ima stvari koje bi ja jos mjenjala al ok je sve u svemu bar se vidi da radis neka neka :))))aj eto mene tu za par dana pa cemo se cut....manje pecurki :)))


Ma rastaman i mene brine, ovo san stavia samo da bude neka boja. To će mo se mi nać pa te detalje s kojima ne znan šta bi skupa proć.

Nego ima jedan problem. Ova tehnika tiska koja je potribna da bude oko cile majice ima ograničenje na tri boje, to san jučer sazna. Posla san ja njima mail da mi kažu jel se može kako to zaobić. Ako ne onda ćemo morat crno bilo napravit (ja bi stavia bili crtež na crnu majicu). Jedino bi onaj A.C.A.B. stavia u boji da se ističe.

wawawiwa profile pic Alumni

I honestly don't know what you can fix here since it looks great and it's something more artsy, but so far looks awesome man! Want to see the alst version of this! And I really don't know about printing techniques of threadless, I'm sorta new here :(


This is an alternative version for all of you that prefer the sketch B/W. It also has the approximate positioning on the T-shirt.


Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file.

This is an alternative version for all of you that prefer the sketch B/W. It also has the approximate positioning on the T-shirt.


The greeb writting on the front is A.C.A.B., but it's hard to see due to image quality.


Be sure you read the submission requirements. Printing on the sleeve is a no-no. Apart from that, this shirt would require 'belt' printing.

Could you look at Jiffy Squid, & tell me what you think?

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