Modern Life Hoodie

  • by artulo
  • posted Jul 08, 2010

Watch this

Something I made up quick for the hoodies contest - comments appreciated!


Hoodie back would be the same as the front!


Rocco's Modern Life? Sweet. Its nice but I don't think it fits into threadless


i love rocko's modern life, i'd buy!


This one has slightly smaller triangles!


i'd submit!


thanks! I'll make a proper sub image


ed big head and filbert do


I made a version with straight pen tool lines instead of the hand drawn (not quite perfect) ones. Better or worse?


Here's the back - pen tool lines


It's a little simple, not much to it. If it had more colors and complexity, it'd work better. What if you put little faces on the triangles? Arms and legs? Shading?

Could you critique mine?

Stereomode profile pic Alumni

great. i like it. i think this is ready for submission

im up for scoring, if you have time please score mine thanks before.


aw...submission declined due to two colors...will have to resubmit with just one!


You wanna get this thru, then you need to add some stuff to make it stand out as amazing,

My suggestions... You should also draw the shirt on there. Add the collar around the neck. Use black lines, like it's a cartoon. Add rocko's big wallaby tail to the back, as though it's sticking out from under the shirt. Make the hooded part the same color as his tail, as though it's his head. Add some long wallaby ears to it. There's a thousand awesome ways to make a rocko shirt... But just doing purple triangles on a blue hoodie isn't that cool.

Climax Clothing Co.

I like it. I wouldn't get so literal or detailed as the comment above. Mostly because, RML is one of those 90's things, not everyone is going to get it, and it's a treasure for those who do.

I like the hand draw triangles a little better, either way its an awesome concept

Have a climatic holiday!!

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