First time for everything... GUESS THE SCORE!

Hey Threadies,

Guess the score NOW! Also, include a number between 1 and... let's say 100. No repeats.

Prize? I guess the usual: a $25 GC.
The number is an experiment - no details now but trust me, someone will appreciate it!

Thanks and good luck guessing!

Sorry for the late updates... moved into a new apartment today - been on my feet since 7 AM!

ratkiss - 2.77 :: 100
Notorius_BMV 2.74 :: 22
agrimony - 2.71 :: 71
Chengui - 2.68 :: 61
Stile - 2.51 :: 42

Watch this

bump! gimme some numbers... : P


2.53 and 42.


3 more days to enter your guess! And happy 3rd of July! And BUMP! Exclamation mark!


haha, thanks guys for participating!

The winner is Chengui! The extra number was a sort of blind raffle thing - if the shirt got printed, the xxth person to comment would get a free shirt.

Chengui's number was 61 but since there's only 6 commenters, 61 mod 6 = 1. So Notorius BMV will get a free shirt should this get printed.

: D

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