English majors unite!

oh man, is this the greatest slogan shirt ever? i think so. hooray for shakespeare! down with emo! i wait with bated breath for the arrival of this shirt. if only i were still in school so i could wear this to my english classes. the english department at my college would get a serious kick out of it!

Watch this

I love that they got Bob to do the product pic!




There's even a little graphic under
First for a type tee I think


i hate all the type tees. this one included
and the stop drop don't work in hell



This is the first one to make me laugh. I'm tempted, but others this week demand my attention...

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni


My job is to encourage young writers, not dissuade them -- no matter how terrible their teen poetry may be! -- so as much this made me smirk, I'm going to have to pass.


that's a good point too aristarchus.

i know it's for a laugh. but geeze.
we can't all be computerized automatons pay check collecting mugwamps.


sorry, i short circuited there.

i meant, fuck shakespeare. he ain't the end all be all of literature anyways.


i meant, fuck shakespeare. he ain't the end all be all of literature anyways.

Thank god for that!

I'm not a huge fan of the type tees, either, despite what Mindtrance's animated portrayal of me may have suggested. But if they bring some more money in for threadless, more power to 'em!


sure. i'm with that.

won't be my money.


Won't be mine, either. ;)


there are some of them that can be witty/funny, but I always equated type tees with the shirts at mall kiosks that said things like Anti-Crombrie or Fuck Off And Die. But the emo one is interesting. Either that, or If You Can Read This, Make Me A Sandwich.
and yes, shakespeare isn't the end all be all of literature, but his sonnets have very little competition (as much as I've read, anyways).


Some of the type tees are definitely funny!! I enjoy reading people's slogans. I just don't want to wear them. But that's the beauty of it all- I don't have to!!


his sonnets are good.

but so what? that's only one way to serve the ice cream. they're good bc he was instrumental on the sonnet being widely accepted. and even that was under the 'support'/influence of the ruler of his day.

i'm not saying they're bad or overrated. i'm just saying, his greatness is greatly exagerrated.


juliejeremiah on Jul 24 '06 at 4:01pm
Prose before hoes.

Now that's a slogan!!

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If emo were I person, I'd repeatedly stab him in the face with a #2 lead pencil.


I've seen that on another website. I think it was bustedtees, but I donno. Maybe cottonfactory? No matter. It's still a good 'un.


nevermind. someone got to it first. :P.

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mezo you should use a 3 or 4 H pencil the lead is harder


i meant fuck shakespeare. he ain't the be all end all of literature anyways

ha, i know that. i guess i like his plays more than his sonnets. his writing and use of puns is so subtle and clever, i just love it. but that's the english major in me talking.


shakespeare should submit a slogan for a type t


all you younger people would probably stone me in person, but i'm online so HA.
anyways, i REALLY miss the days before all this emo crap.


I'm actually buying this Type tee.

It just rocks


Look...type tees are just another way for us non-designers to try and participate with this great company. I wholeheartedly agree that crap mall bought type tees are shit, but it appears as though Threadless is trying to stand out from the usual type tee. I'm not a designer, can't draw for shit...but if I can participate in this way, maybe I can bring joy to the world in my own little way...

Besides, the people who are voting on the type tees do not consider originality when they vote...that's a shame, if you ask me....because I've seen some great slogans that scream "printed" that don't get to be....

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does anyone else judge type tees by the flow of their sound? i like this slogan because the "sh" in shakespeare is a nice contrast to the "p" in poems.

um, maybe it's just me. but i don't think this slogan would work as well if it were, say, "poe hates your emo poems"

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Well, Poe definitely would sound ugly, because you'd have "poe" and "poem." This does have nice contrast

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Hey, waittaminnit... Were people actually having an intellectual conversation here about Shakespeare for a sec?

Well, blow me down...

If I can weigh in with my two cents, I'd say that more important than his poetry or plays just in and of themselves, the real reason why Shakespeare is so important in western culture is the degree to which his ideas, characters and themes have influenced literature for generations. His work serves to create the metanarrative that runs below the surface of all English (language -- ie, this would include Canadian, Australian, USAmerican and so forth) literature. And on top of all that, the man did more than work with words and language, he created words and language.

As for Type Tees, they suck, but please vote yes for all of my slogans: I need the money to get a 12Club membership!

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it's true, shakespeare did coin alot of terms that are still widespread today. for that he definitely should receive $200 and be put on a t-shirt.

although i doubt that this partiicular slogan will be around as long.


I LOVE THIS TEE, the only reason why I didnt get it is because its a lil to light colored for my taste!!!



Keep the Type Tees. I hate them all. But they get one lucky guy $200

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