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What is the neighbor's house? I don't get it.


looks great! i wouldnt change anything


In English, I think you would call this "Keeping up with the Joneses. In Malaysian Chinese, we call this 'kiasu' or 'afraid to lose'. Cultural enrichment 101.. LOL. Great idea.

If you have the time, could you please rate my submission too? Thanks!!


Very very clever stuff, good work! I agree about having a little more detail on the face though =]

Kids Under the Bed!


Submit it like this. It's great.

Please tell me what you think of this design.


thanks everyone, I will check out your submissions/critiques hopefully later today... jumppuppyjump: I may use your idea as the title for this :)

I noticed there was one "needs work" marked after the first couple comments, any idea what I can do to help it besides more detail in the face?

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