To Kill a Mockingbird

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This design was originally a book cover for "To Kill a Mockingbird" (it was a school assignment). I figured, why not make it a tee design?rnrnThe blood was inspired by Frank Barbara's design "Judith + Holofernes".


I'd like to see just the bird/blood/bullet design without all the book stuff placed on a tee. I really like the style of the blood splatter. it might help if the bullet is a bit larger with a metallic shine to make it more obvious that it's a bullet.

If you place it on a shirt, try putting it in the upper right (the wearers right). Then if you wanted, you could add a puff of smoke in the same style as the blood coming from a gun barrel in the lower left.

Please tell me what you think of my design!


It's already on a tee, switch picture on the navigation on the bottom.

Alright, i'll try fixing the bullet :)




simple and pretty, the colors and placement looks fine to me submit

Please, can you score my desings :)


I don't know the book to be honest, but it like the style. a few things i think can take this even further: make the bullet's too small and barely noticable. the drop of blood behind the bullet in unnecessery in my opinion, instead maybe add a bullet trail line...

Please help me out and rate my design Killer B


like the bird and all that, take off all the book stuff tho


I like the simplicity of this design. i say its a go

I would appreciate it if you would rate or comment on my design The Night Rocker


this is a very cool. minimalistic take on the book cover. if it were me ide add more feathers popping out and acouple splashes less of blood. and this is just me bein super picky. but maybe make the floating feathers more detailed like the ones on the bird. or make the ones on the bird more detailed like on the floating ones haha. great start man. cool design. and if you get the time could you critique mine? WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU COULD


Thanks for the nice feedback people :)

@Ruzu Thanks :)

@ibeenthere the book is really good ^^ I'll fix the bullet :) Hmm... i'll try with bullet trail lines instead then :)

@emo_bear Thanks, will do ;)

@Winfieldf Thank you! :)

@rkotar Wow, great feedback pal! :D Thanks!


Question: What kind of bullet trail should i add? Matrix? 2 lines? or some other? Link to an image... The problem is that I don't want to disrupt the simplicity.


^^EXACTLY.^^ dont messup the simplicity. do some simple lines trailing. nothing too complex. maybe simplify something like this possibly? bullettrailexample and put sometype of highlight on the actual bullet to make it look reflective/metalic. and hey im happy 2 return any feedback favors haha great work. and if you get the time could you critique mine? New version will be up tonight! WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU COULD


What I've edited: I added a feather, made a new bullet, added bullet trail lines and ditched the book in the presentation. I also added a placement on a white tee.


@rkotar I didn't see you comment until after I poster the new version... What do you think about the trail lines? It wasn't anything like the one on the picture you sent... should i give that a go, or is this good? I'll add the highlight on the bullet in the next version.

Thanks again ^^


wayyy better. no ignore what i sent haha. what i sent is way 2 busy. this is way better than what i had in mind. and idk if you need the highlight now unless u wanna try it. i think it reads easily as a bullet just the way it is. great adjustment! Fly In Line


i kind want you to adjust the neck of the bird its so stiff yet the body portrays it actually getting shot. and i like the blood on the book cover but it seems a bit too large on the shirt.. dare i say overkill?


Hehe cool :D In that case, I think I'll skip the highlight and keep it simple :)

Should I add trail lines in front off the bird aswell?


hey i didnt notice the neck untill cntr said that...he's/she's right! fix that... the bullet with the trail are perfect! i think if you fix the neck it will be ready for sub and very well done! Please help me out and rate my design: Killer B


@cntrlaltdel Okay, I'll try to fix the neck :) Haha, overkill ^^ Well idk... I've played a lot with the blood (lol wtf), and I kind of like that it's a lot of blood. But I can shrink the blood splatter and present it as an alternative in the next version :)


yeahhh bullet trail infront of the bird is necessary and would definitely look best i think. and i am agreeing w. what people are saying about the neck. definitely needs to be bent more. this could be a 5er in my book FLY IN LINE


@ibeenthere Alright, sweet! :D


Hahaha, I didn't think about that :P I guess it's a matter of interpretation :P

Hey, what about adding i nice quote from the book on the bottom of the tee? Maybe: "it's a sin to kill a mockingbird"


Make the line of action stronger. The bird just got shot, but it doesnt seem that way, make his body curve more, life if there was more impact in the collision, but otherwise, i like it :D

Thanks for your comment on mine by the way :D


I really like how simple your design is, but I can't help but think that something is missing. How about adding some feet and defining the feathers a little more. I also saw that you were thinking of adding a quote and personally I don't think that is a good idea. You want your image to speak for itself and by writing a quote you are in a way assuming your viewer can't figure out what your image is about. Plus I think text would clutter your design. Just keep playing with it and you're sure to get there. Good Luck!

Critique Me 2 Please :)


Haha crap... I'm having a hard time adjusting the neck :P

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I think it's very well done in a nice simplistic style but I can't imagine why you would want to wear a shirt with a bird getting murdered on it.


@Jpiatt thanks... well, the design is metaphorical. But you're right. Maybe it's to farfetched.

@FranciscoCruz1990, because in the book that the design is referring to, the talk about rifles.

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