T-10: Threadless Everywhere Tour!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jun 28, 2010

It's all happening! And now we've got a page to prove it!

We'll be updating that page constantly with new events, new info, and new activities! And you can update it too by tweeting with the #threadtour hashtag! RSVP, comment on, share, and suggest new events! You tell us where we should bring our van + airstream + Threadless funtime. We'll start the tires rolling with two months of events. Then, it's up to you!

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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

I'll see what I can do!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i see dashed lines over nebraska? stop by my house if ya wanna...


USA does not = "everywhere"



USA does not = "everywhere"

We realize that! This is only leg one.


road trip! you should film everything and sell the footage as a teen comedy

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Haha, Boston, New York and Montreal...just need a trip to New Hampshire and you'll have surrounded Vermont.


maryland likes threadless too.. (:

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

3rror404 on Jun 28 '10 at 2:36pm USA does not = "everywhere"


Everywhere can not = everywhere

Unless I'm mistaken and they plan to cover every inch (or 2.54 centimeters for those of us that get huffy over america) of the planet.



"We realize that! This is only leg one. "

I hope there's three legs



random comment about tour not coming to his area


I'm hoping the tour is more like a millipede. Many legs.

But if it's a spider, we'd be cool with that, too. Not a fan of spiders.

everything profile pic Alumni

HYPED! The TechnoCRAFT show in San Francisco is approximately 500 feet from my apartment!

Drinks/fun beforehand anyone?

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Does that mean DC??? In that case, I'll be there!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Woooooo BOSTON!!!! I'll be there for sure JEFF N' BECCA

snaggle tooth

BBQ in Maltz's back yard. I'll try to make DC. B-More for the COMIC CON? chiang'll be there.


Looks like I need to move to California real quick as everywhere includes a lot of that one state.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni


jpiatt profile pic Alumni

How can you skip Minneapolis on your way back from the Westcoast? Come on man....we're your midwest brother! ...I mean, I get skipping over St. Louis if you don't have enough band aids to go under your eye or whatnot, but the home of Prince?! The land of 10,000 lakes?!

...think about it for the 2nd leg. That's all I'm saying. Think long and hard about it. Lolz....long and hard.


Honestly you will probably pass through omaha anyhow!

Omaha Farmers Market May 01, 2010 - October 09, 2010 Offers the best selection of fresh produce and meats, as well as a wide variety of unique specialty items: gourmet foods, organic fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cut flowers and bedding plants, handmade jewelry and more. Recurring weekly on Saturday Venue: Farmer's Market Location: Old Market, Omaha NE Address: 11th & Jackson Times: Sat/8am-12:30pm Phone: (402) 345-5401 Admission: Free http://www.omahafarmersmarket.org The Outdoor Market at Midtown Crossing June 12, 2010 - September 04, 2010 Fresh and fun. Classy but relaxed. Sophisticated tastes are welcome here; the ordinary is not. We've harvested the best of the long-standing farmer’s market tradition and combined it with a variety of novel offerings -- from top-notch coffee and fresh seafood to live entertainment and cooking lessons. Recurring weekly on Saturday Location: Midtown Crossing at Turner Park Address: 33rd and Farnam St Times: 9am-12pm Phone: (402) 333-3062 Admission: Free http://www.midtowncrossing.com

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

Haha, after the meetup, you guys will probably get to Toronto before I do.


You guys HAVE to make a stop in Vancouver. It's Canada's most beautiful city, and you guys have a huge fan base here. If you're going to come to Canada, it would be a mistake to only visit Montreal and Toronto. Hopefully we'll see you guys here!


Heh, just saw a threadless banner on yahoo sports

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

well how about that. You'll be in Toronto, there is actually a damn good chance I can make it to that.


Ryder Revolution on Jun 30 '10 at 12:39pm Everywhere = east coast and california

you forgot multiple stops in chicago.

and two canadian cities near the southern border.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Oh no! Why are you going to SF RIGHT BEFORE I move there? I'll be there starting July 15!!

Ryder profile pic Alumni

know what would be cool? if you guys posted a link to the ai file for the everywhere logo so we could use it in our promotions for our states :)

juuuuussssss' sayin'!

De Zwelbast

You say your coming to Amsterdam. Well, your close, but the link clearly states the venue is in Haarlem. This is a different town, wich is situated 15 minutes by car from the edge of Amsterdam. It is a very nice and hip place to go anyway (and Harlem in 'New Amsterdam' aka New York- those bloody Englishmen!- is named after it: just so you know there is an interesting link to your American based company...) Anyway: I'll see you when I can in Holland!

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