Holiday - Good Intentions

I need to learn how to relax. My holiday at an end and I don't want to go back to work. Now that my shoulders have fallen to where they should be, my dreams are no longer about work, I actually got some sun this past week and got to read some pages out of my latest book - I am pretty sure unless I change things and my behaviour - it will be no sooner than my next holiday that I will feel this relaxed again. My intention is to try to keep this holiday feeling always...I just hope that I don't get wrapped up in all the drama at work like I always do.
I finally took inventory of my threadless stock and found that I have 69 of the beauties. Love them next goal is to try to have fun doing something in each one and then post them here to remind myself that life is more than work, it is about enjoying yourself, your loved ones and friends.

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