Hey, if any of you want to donate towards my "go to university" funds then please please buy some of these old threadless tee's

Ive got;

The Internet - Mens XL
Best Mime Ever - Mens XL
Nice Boobeis - Mens XL
Honest Tee - Mens L

To be honest I wouldnt mind if i got like $5 each for them, so if your wanting a bargain then buy buy buy! .... please?

If you can use paypal that would be great, because I really dont know of any other ways for you to get money to me seeing as im from britain. If you're interested you can contact me on

Thank you :]

Watch this

la la la


Why would you want to sell them for $5 if you live in Newcastle, i im sure they still trade £ there


because im sure most of the people on this website are from america?


They're not all from america, wish i knew a way to do paypal. Or money order or whatever. I'll give em to my dad or bro if ever.

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this is annoying


just sent you an email about one of the shirts

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