average score givage

0.88. i know, looks horrible. i just started to give zeros to ones i didnt like at all... and then i got stingy with even a 3.
who else gives low scoring?

i'm not a bad person!

Watch this

1.80, I either give 5's or 0's and its mainly 0's. I rarely see anything thats in the middle.


yeah, thats been about the same for me. usually middle scores i give are because i think a change in teh design would improve it, and i usually try to say whqt i think will make it better. i give 5s to designs i would actually wear and not be ashamed of.

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I give 5's for great art and 1's to the ones I don't like. They get a 1 for the effort. I mean they tried didn't they? I give zeros to ones that just flat out suck or didn't even try. Middle of the scale goes to ones that are good but I'm not to keen on or need improvment imo.

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has scored 17463 submissions, giving an average score of 0.40

"i'm not a bad person!"

why do people even care what their average score is? ...its not like youre going to be punished.


Candiru aka Ted is a 17.37 year old boy, has been a member since May 22, 2005, has scored 15600 submissions, giving an average score of 1.98.


i give a lot of 0's.

but i shouldn't because a lot of the ones i give 0's to are about 100 times better than some of the ones i give 1's to.


eh, 2.4 for me. I only score the ones I like -- Well, I'm starting to anyway.


i've scored 944 w/ an avg of 2.24. i don't think i'm being too nice.

0: someone who doesn't even try..
1: someone who tried but failed miserably
2: someone who did a good job.. but i don't think their design makes a good shirt
3: someone who did a good job.. but i think they need to improve on the design b4 i give it a 4 or 5
4: someone who did a great job
$4: someone who did a great job and i would probably buy the shirt from - or buy it for a friend
5: someone who did a kick ass job
$5: someone who did a kick ass job and i couldn't live without buying that shirt

what's the old adage.. an "A" for effort. some people really try, but maybe can't get their idea across artistically.

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ladykat aka Kate is a 25.15 year old girl, has been a member since March 15, 2006, has scored 937 submissions, giving an average score of 1.72.

I give the full range... my stats...

5: 38 (of those, 14 were $5)
4: 97 (of those, 6 were $4)
3: 167 (of those, 1 was a $3)
2: 196
1: 134
0: 304

I'll admit - earlier this week, my average was lower (around 1.4). I thought maybe I'd been judging people too low, so I've started skipping ones that I could care less about. If they really bother me, I'll still give low scores though.


other than not liking a shirt, what are the reasons behind a zero score?

not creative enough?

bad color?

I think I tend to vote a little higher because I have not entered any submissions. So I feel like if I were to give a zero to someone that put a lot of time into a design (even if it's bad) would be wrong for me. But that is me.

If I did submit, I could at least better define why a design may be better than another because I understand what the artist may be trying to do.

I am now beginning to see, if I submit, I have a tough crowd to please.

a shirt that you will not wear?


"a shirt that you will not wear" should come after "bad color?"

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I usually only give 0's if the design took absolutely no effort, was stolen, or is blatantly offensive

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Earlier on, I think I was freer with the zeros.

Now, I reserve them for ones that really bother me. Some are just plain offensive, and have no redeeming cleverness.

But there are a number of great - or almost great - subs out there!


it seems like the crew that is writing along side the "InPrint" writeups are inspiring better submissions.

but i do have to agree that the offensive ones are much harder to score

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I don't think it's that odd to have a low average score. The large majority of submissions just aren't that good. It's a side effect of the digital revolution and internet piracy. Anyone can steal the tools to fake design.

I think I've become a bit more lenient with the scoring process. Not much though.

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I don't score a lot of subs. I usually only score subs that are mentioned in the blogs. Lately I only score when I like something, so my average got up a lot.

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The InPrint blogs are nice, but I'd like to see Threadless print more interesting designs. I'm hoping that the Threadless Loves Threadless comp inspires such diversity. It looks like Rock Deputy's PoetTrees are in good shape to be printed, probably to win.


Melleh aka Mel is a 18.1 year old girl, has been a member since November 23, 2005, has scored 258 submissions, giving an average score of 3.40.

guess im generally a good person.

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