Illustrator vs Photoshop

Are there Photoshop people or Illustrator people? Do these people get along? Which one are you?

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gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

I'm both. Do I have split personality now? Mental disorder?


I'm more comfortable with illustrator by the way. You can't be both! DECIDE NOW!!


I understand you know both. I'm just saying which one is more dear to your heart?

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

I'm just not made for monogamy.

Hildy 42

its best to be proficient with both.

yeah i would say so. i really need to learn illustrator. all i know about photoshop is what ive been able to teach myself. and ive found illustrator to be way harder to learn myself


In regards to making tees do you always use both?


Joda I think you like AI better. You even did a submission about it. haha!

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

I used to be all Illustrator, now I'm more Photoshop, but I secretly want to be Illustrator again. (shhhhh, don't tell Photoshop).

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

the vector tools in MS Word.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

This is like asking if someone prefers boxers or a pair of socks. Very different uses.

hisartwork profile pic Alumni

yea, i use both for tee designs here on threadless... my latest design I used all Ai (not just because its an illustrator reference) but because I'm able to achieve a different style with illustrator more effectivly... and that could.

But with my "sea foam sea turtle" shirt I drew the turtle by hand and traced in Ai and then brought it to Ps where i added the bubble background. But now 75% of my designs I draw in Ps with a wacom tablet... before my tablet i almost worked entirely with Ai


They make good team!


@Krimson: That may be true however I really love socks and could do without boxers. :P


Illustrator was my first and will always be special to me.

Friendly Fire

Some people have an irrational fear of the pen tool that is a big part of illustrator, at least it is the way I use it. So the prefer photoshop. They're both great!

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