this doesn't look promising...

naturally it would have to be my big order too.

it was supposed to be here today. :(

hopefully all is well & my package is "safe"...


this looks much better!

Watch this
tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

it's a train robbery!


holy crap, you got them banditos

digsy profile pic Alumni

oh no, how awful but totally bizarre it's odd that they put that much description in, you think they would just go for "delay" or something or even "vehicle breakdown"

hope you get it safe and sound though!


damn them banditos!

i googled news for spokane train derailment and got nothing recent enough to be one that would be carrying my order.

fingers crossed it's ok!

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Woah, lets hope all is okay with your order :(

reags profile pic Alumni

wow I've never seen that status before lol!

glad it's lookin' on time now


I checked on my order yesterday and it said "UM". I dont know if that is an abbreviation or what.


maybe i should check the front porch again, if it's supposed to be here today.

UM? that's a weird one, i wonder what that means...

spacesick 2

I bet John McClane saved the day


boy i hope so, if anyone could do it, john mcclane can!

reags profile pic Alumni

Lies, it was Jack Bauer.

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