Bad prints! Now it's sold out.

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I loved this hoodie when I got it... but alas, it was too small! I hurriedly sent it back, hoping to get a larger replacement before they ran out.... no luck! So now I have a credit on my account, hoping for a reprint... PLEASE?!?


I have medium hoodies for both colors if interested in buying or trading contact me at


update I sold the asphalt hoodie and have the mermaid color left


I just received this hoodie and was very disappointed to find the same result. I couldn't even unzip it and had to dig out the paint from the zipper. In addition the paint is incredibly uneven, way too thick and ugly in some places and thin, see-through and flaking off in others. I wanted this hoodie for a very long time and to see this low level of quality is just disappointing. Threadless is also admitting it's a known issue and they're still selling them?! This was my first Threadless order and I really doubt I'll be ordering again.

Also purchased the Sark t-shirt and it has the same shoddy paint on the shoulder designs.

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