What does this shirt mean?

Does it have a meaning behind it?

Watch this

I believe Jimmy is implying that he is in a polygamous relationship with a variety of analog cameras; namely a Fisheye 2.0, a Diana+, and a Fuji Instamax among others. Or maybe none of those for copyright reasons. Or maybe its metaphor or other literary device of some kind.


looks like cameras recovered from an oil spill... :(

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maybe wanted to pretend he won both the Loves Coffee and Loves Shutterstock contests. :)




i read in his Jimmy's blog, his inspirtation for this design is his girlfriend and the love they share for photography and lomography. they never go anywhere without their camera's. Jimmy's girlfiend, (Eva) also like polka dots, which expains why some of the cameras have polka dots inside of them. The design is dedicated to his Lover, hence "My Lover"

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