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Lou Co Bow

Bit random, but what do people think?!


maybe put it on a different colored tee so that your design stands out more? like the light blue even?

my design is up for scoring. could ya help me out and vote and leave a comment? thanks! happy worst day ever


This is awesome haha i really really like this. watching this for sure as far as i can see only 4 colors are being used? maybe 5? ide say add one more darker blue and put some deeper shadows in there other than that maybe a dark grey tee. or black maybe? Great Start! and i just updated my design! Critique mine if you have the time WOULD BE AWESOME

2 Headed Monster

I think that its a cool design. Good choice of colors. Maybe you can add more shades of blue and yellow to the coins of the chest.

Please, if you have the time help me to improve my design.




You could add a couple more white areas/strokes for some of the items to stand out a little better, if you don't want to change the tee color I think. :] Looks great though!

Lou Co Bow

Thanks for comments! working the new version...

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