3.21 Final Score for Batimalism! Thanks for all the support!

I'll see if we have any takers for this and I kinda wanted to wait and see how well the shirt was received so I'll do this right now as there is only about 20 hours left before the design ends. The closest person to the actual score will get a free shirt if it ends up printing.

So guess the score!

Haragos: -5
outline: 3.00
Phiffer: 3.42
Ryder Revolution: 3.15
lysergiaaa: 3.24
xtiffany: 2.78 and a smilie tongue thing
chatnoirrouge : 3.33
NGee: 2.75
5eth: 3.26
Thezoz: 3.37
agrimony: 3.05
sukoli: 3.06
orkraM: 3.63
Notorius BMV: 3.27
laura: 2.95 with an exclamation
JinxTM: 3.3
zeroskaterMHS : 3.66

Unless I can't count right it looks like Lysergiaa: won with a 3.24

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outline profile pic Alumni

3.00 good luck!


i like it man. im going to say 3.42

NGee profile pic Alumni

2.75 - and good luck!

Haragos profile pic Alumni

I probably should have done this a few days ago. I'll have like only 10 people to have a chance lol.








IF it's 3 or above... probably a 3.3

Haragos profile pic Alumni

Bumping to thank everyone and show who won the contest. Thanks so much for all the effort and support.. The score is so much higher than all of my other scores and I am grateful.

NGee profile pic Alumni

Happy to say I was way out on my prediction - great going Haragos!

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