Summer Secret Santa!! MITCHLOIDOLT!

So I came home from my vacation yesterday and saw my SS package. And I knew immediately who it was from! Here are some pics!

The package had a neat little drawing of Santa and some funky looking reindeer at the beach.

The first thing I pulled out (I thought it was a gift, but it's packaging haha)

Some microns and MINT MARKERS

A Munny! Never heard of these. Huzzah!

Two AWESOME prints!

THANKS SO MUCH!! I'm sorry that I didn't make a blog yesterday, I've been super busy! I really enjoyed the gifts!

Watch this

Hooray! Fun stuff!

spacesick 2

holy cow that's some awesome swag!


So can someone explain to me what the Munny is? Do I just draw stuff on it?


Wikipedia: A Munny doll is a blank figure the owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and other pigments.

Sounds like you can just go for it.



You better deck that Munny out like a pimp's christmas tree! Your style would look awesome on something 3D :)


Oh sweet. That's pretty cool!



There whole forums dedicated to munny decorating , you'll have fun!!


Yeah, there's heaps of tutorials floating around the web if you need some inspiration for the munny :D

Those prints are super awesome btw.


Yeah! Mint markers!

Mya Jamila

So cool! Also, to copy Alvin, "Mint markers!".

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:D I'm glad you like. I think you're supposed to prime (gesso?) that munny guy before you draw on it.

If you fuck it up on the first round I'll send out the spare I got.


WHOA. That Mitch fellow is crazy good. I love dem reindeer.


Thanks Mitch! I'll research about it and post some pics when I finish it.

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