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  • by anakarina
  • posted Jun 07, 2010

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for the shutterstock design challenge :)


I like the idea of an inverse camera a lot and it was well executed in my opinion.


thanks! @criscoba17 i actually inversed the photo again so it won't be the mirror image. should i retain the original version?


I think it's great! Can't think of anything to add really... I say submit. Best of luck.

And thanks for your comments on my design.


nice i was also thinking along these a pic of a pic or a camera takin a pic of a camera


i really like the idea - but i think the legs need something...

great concept!


did some changes with the tripod. :)


very cool idea. i like


thank you for the nice words on both v1 and v2. :)


Ineresting. The shape of the camera could be clearer. It's a little hard to see because of the dark grey and blacks in the image inside it. The tripot also looks off center to me.

I could use some feedback too.


Interesting idea but it needs some more work,be patient and create some more versions.


changed the shirt color, centered the tripod, and put an outline on the camera. :)


I think the black shirt blends too much w/the image. Very cool concept.


Yeah the shirt does seem to blend in with the image. Maybe try for a white outline? Gray outline looks to much like a drop shadow. Maybe the picture could be cleaned up, sharpen it up? I love textures, but i think this picture could use some smoothing out. It looks to grainy I think.

Now do you think you could critique mine also?

errant dog

I agree with Mondar, a lighter outline would be better. To me, the person's head blends in too much with the shirt.


Better. Have you tired seeing what it looks like on a color tee?


Cool idea - I think if you add one color to it, perhpas on the ring, to get the image to pop, that will help it stand out.


I love this idea. Get the lens of the camera to pop out more though.

The thick outline is also bugging me, because for some reason, it looks like you lowered the opacity, it looks fine all around the camera until it gets to the tripod, where it looks more like a drop shadow then anything else. Put the opacity to 100% and make it a real outline. If its a drop-shadow that you're looking for, I don't think thats a good idea.

Other then that, I love the concept!

Could you comment on mine please?


thank you for the comments, guys! they're really helpful! :)


I have to agree this would show up better on a gray shirt. Love the idea. Check my work out? lNature_Shot


made some changes based on the comments :)


I hate to say you wasted your time (in my opinion of course), but I think the first version was great and the best so far. They all look good but I think the changes were unnecessary. Like I said before it's a great design, I reckon you've got a shot at winning the competition. Good luck!

Here's mine if you have the time. Cheers.


Yeah, definitely on black with no outline around the camera. And maybe make the legs dark grey so they don't complete for contrast?


This is fort the challenge right!! mm ejeje i like better the firts option O_o looks more pretty and simple but cool!!!


Time and Time again

Dont give up! something will come to you. Think of something that is different get a good look at what is going on around you. What is your real thought about photography, besides a camera and make it speak without words. Hope that helps.


Yeah maybe completely drop the outline and have it on a black background. And Martinbot is right about the contrast, maybe you should do something about the legs? But still, I'm not changing my mind about the great concept. You just need to find the right way of fixing it up :)

Comment on mine please? I put a new version up :)!


thank you for your comments! i really appreciate them! :)


I like the execution, but I think it needs work conceptually.


Nice idea. I agree it really good on a black tee. its a good concept..


wow, that's such a cool idea. I really liked the first one without the outline, and on a darker shirt colour, it just looked more impressive somehow. The legs are better in this one though, and i think Martinbot is right about the colours, try them in darker gray and see what it looks like. its such a good concept but it needs are the artist i am sure you will figure it out :) would you please take a look at mine?


changed the color of the tripod and made the shirt color black again. :) thank you to those who gave their comments!


Very well done. I like the graininess of your image. It gives it an editorial news paper feel.


Cool ^^


Cool. I think it's an improvement over earlier versions, and it's ready. Good luck.


I love it and really do hope it gets printed, I'd buy it :D.

Although i still feel that the form of the camera is lost because of the hair. And I'm quite sure you don't want to add color to it. Is there any way you can think of making it pop out more? If not, its still fine, I find this visually appealing :)


I like the idea, but if your not set on having the photo portion be in the shape of the camera you might want to play around with the shapes maybe lungs or a brain?


found a way to put a little white area above the head. :)


Yeah it does look better with the whole head in frame. Nice work!


Wow! It looks awesome than other versions! =D I have suggest that you could add the shadow to make effort???? It's up to you =) Well done!


Wow! It looks awesome than other versions! =D I have suggest that you could add the shadow to make effort???? It's up to you =) Well done!


I can tell its hard decision on the detail of how to make the camera, it's a tough call. I personally like the picture darker in this current version.

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