• by travioli
  • posted Jun 06, 2010

S I M U L A T E D__P R O C E S S

Watch this

S I M U L A T E D__P R O C E S S


Not crazy about the concept, but the execution is impressive

De Salvia

wow, i love this style 5$ =)

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I like the middle image but I don't really get how the breaking of a coffee cup could be a positive thing.


This is a really sweet idea. Love the execution, too!


Cool smashie cup image! I like the concept! Very cool idea!

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I think you could keep only the middle image and make the explosion even more impressive. It looks good anyway!




Thanks for all the comments so far!

To answer a question or two... The design is a combination of photography and straight up illustration. And the idea behind the breaking image comes from the potential energy stored up in a good ol' caffeine soaked cuppa joe. The cup here just let that energy go, and essploded into a symbol of bold-roasted love!


Anyone else see the bird in image 2? LOL I can't unsee it.


I see the bird now that I've read your comment (@tangleddreams). Beak is where the handle broke and it looks like a cardinal facing right?

I like the artwork- especially step 2. However, I think the jump from step 2 to step 3 is too big... they don't seem directly sequential.


LOL Exactly, @landosamorm. I saw it first when the image was loading before scrolling down and realising it wasn't supposed to be a bird. lol

I feel I should leave an actual comment on the design, though as someone who hates coffee I'm trying to stay out of this Loves comp a bit. I do agree the leap from 2 to 3 is a bit large, but I think it's still pretty clear that it LED to 3, so I think it works more than most people commenting here seem to think. I gave it a 4.


This should have been vertically placed, so the heart shape would have actually come over the ehart, and not the stomach.

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