• by rkotar
  • posted Jun 05, 2010

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Start of my next project. gotta finish adding more feathers. and i am not sure what else to add. needs alot more. any ideas/suggestions? and the name... im having trouble naming this as well.


How the hell did you get the lines so symmetrical?

Maybe some dark red somewhere


i agree work the lower jaw a bit

but the title should be "are you ready to be blown away"

awesome line work, best i've seen on here ever

and thnx for ur comments on my next design I think is finally worth it and not gunna get declined...can't wait


Red tongue!


yeahh haha the lines r vector. done in illustrator. pretty easy to get them even. and ive been working on the jaw and some of the feathers. still haveing a hard time comming up w. a name or what else i could possibly add. Thanks for the comments. Next version will be up sometime today!


definitely add a tongue in red, but so far looks great.


This is awesome. You should add some color though, I think it would add a lot. Unless you want to leave it as is. The lower jaw needs work, that has been said already. Maybe add the neck? I would add some color to the eyes. But thats just me, it's your design :D. Good luck mate!

Could you come drop a comment on mine too please?


tweeked some of the feathers and the jaw. still having trouble w. a name and how to add the color i think i have something which will be up in v3 any suggestions greatly appreciated!


Very cool. Placement on the Tee will be key to making this work well. Nice job!


Wow nice idea! love the line work... If i could say something against it, it would be that the inside of the mouth looks over complicated. Maybe if you deleted the lines behind the tongue. making the tongue solid. but hey! i like it.


maybe it needs some work with the inside of the beak. and put it on a tee.

can u take a look to my design pls?


This is defendantly pretty good looking. This makes me think of those old computer monitors with the bright/ neon green writing and the dark green background? Maybe you can do colors like that? Ohh and perhaps you can repeat some of the pattern work on to the corners or certain areas. I think that would be cool, cuz if its just black line work on a white background it might not be to catchy as a shirt I think. Nice lines though..really really niice!


next version commin up soon and hopefully some placements 2 go along w. it. again any ideas or suggestions on something 2 add would be greatly appreciated


i'd love the placement to be on the chest area. this design is really good! i think it would work well on white and on other light-colored tees. :)

here is my work. could you comment here if you have the time? :)


V3 to be up tonight sometime! any suggestions still be a great help


the next version. havin a lot of trouble w. this design if u cant tell haha playing around with the placements and pattern ideas really just trying to figure out how 2 set this all up to look the best possible. and suggestions at all would be awesome


Like it! Reminds me of Eshers work. I would submit it. I do agree with some of the posts, some color might be nice. Great work.


eye looks much better. love the dimension. i say go for it!

my design is up for scoring. could ya help me out and vote and leave comment? thanks! happy worst day ever


Rad dude, Go for it!


Omg, the first placement is perfect, if they can allow that, it would be awesome! If you can get the lines working too, I think this would make it!:D


That first placement is amazing man. Either way though gorgeous design. I totally pick up on the escher aslso.


This is quite interesting. Placement one is the best, followed by placement two. I personally don't like beltprints, so I'd suggest you avoid that. Plus, the lines are unnecessary. That apart, this is pretty much good to go.

If you want to try options, try doing different colors. Like a light maroon design on a purple t-shirt, maybe.

Scoring - Prehistoric Prankster


Placement one definitely


Wow that's amazing. I love the patterns on it, the first placement is definitely the best.

2 Headed Monster

Wow. Great work! I prefer the placement 1

Please, if you have the time help me to improve my design.




Alright adressing the issue w. the jaw. it looks off 2 me too but is being a pain in the ass to fix for some reason.

any other suggestions for changes.? or is this ready 2 submit?? (after i fix the jaw ofcourse)


any other suggestions for changes.? or is this ready 2 submit?? (after i fix the jaw ofcourse)


This is incredible. Fantastic job. I'd stick with just the one, on the front.

Check out my design please.


I have in mind that printing over the seams doesn't work..


Loox awesome- like placement-If i were being picky i would say some of your pattern overlay in the mouth in not consistent with the rest of the design......seems elsewhere the pattern cells do not overlap...god I am ass! sorry thing loox sick!


haha @wernervisual. naww ur not bein an ass. i want people 2 point that stuff out. been having problems w. the mouth. cant seem 2 get it 2 work smoothly and have the right perspective. not gonna submit till i get it right. not sure how much of a chance this has. but still gonna give it a shot. thanks 4 the honesty would rather have people rip it apart than just say "great design!!" and then link their own design


omg i love the first placement. i think the design being spread over the shirt is a good idea! but maybe u want to make it a little smaller? or perhaps shift it more at an angle?

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