Maybe I'm too much of a nerd?

So, I made this awesome Spruce Goose t-shirt and no one is getting it. Maybe it's a Southern California thing since Spruce Goose was in Long Beach before being displayed in Oregon.

I'm not sure if I should take it down from the critique or if I should keep it post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Watch this
spacesick 2

omg yes. I'm gonna watch that episode right NOW.


Its not in Long Beach any more?


No, they moved it to the aviation museum in Oregon.

And I'm gonna wear my nerd badge proudly, thank you very much :]


I like when Mr. Smithers says he has a special song for the guy retiring and then he ends up singing a song for Mr. Burns.

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I'm afraid your airplane design is a bit over my head.

get it because the plane is airborne.


I don't think you're being a nerd, I just think that people probably aren't responding to the design because it's just a photo of the plane and some text. People don't really like text. It looks like something you could buy from the aviation museum in Oregon, basically. Which would be cool if we were there, but for Threadless you probably have to do something more illustrative, you know?

But if you really like the Spruce Goose there's heaps of illustrative stuff you can do for it. People love puns! You could do a spruce-looking goose, or Hercules as a goose, or Hercules riding a goose, or Howard Hughes sitting around with jars of urine or something like that.


I'm English and I know what the spruce goose is because I've watched Aviator, er....I mean I've read all about Howard Hughes. You can make it more interesting by actually drawing it, or better yet draw it in a funny scenario-like a plane laying a golden goose egg or some shit like that.

Text isn't all that popular, although sometimes people like it if you hand draw it.


oops, yes-what Squatter John said!

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Yeah what the others said. If you're going to use text, make it interesting to look at and integrate more into the design. And rather than just slap on a photo of the plane, why not draw it, or again, make it a bit more interesting to look at. I'm not being mean here but that design as you have will definitely not get printed here.


Thanks for all the feedback. I decided to take it down, and I'm trying to not be so down on myself. It was a very rough draft of the idea and now I have a few more I'm entertaining for design options.

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