Onions Are Bullies.

  • by Slania
  • posted May 28, 2010

Watch this

It's not just humans that onions make cry.


It'll make a great kid's tee! I think the right hand of the orange strawberry should be placed lower. The onion hands can also be improved by making them smoother and making him grab the lollipop. Perhaps give the leaf some texture and shading too. :) Hope I helped.

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awesome! I think make the strawberry more simplistic and keep to the color scheme of the onion. make the lollipop stand out. Great job!


It's not just humans that onions make cry.

(with a little bit of a change in colour, what do you guys think?)




I really like your design! I do agree with Kneez from earlier that something for them to rest on could add a lot. Maybe a blue (same color as the teardrops) splash just below them?


yeah a little shadow under them wouldn't hurt. other then that looks great :)


Aww, heart-shaped tears! I love the idea of your design. Perhaps work a little more on their arms (and other parts that have edges) so they look smoother, and add some shading or detail to the strawberry's leaves and the onion's stem. :]

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I LOVE the onion. The strawberry isn't doing it for me though... something about his eyes reads awkwardly to me... I can't tell if the hearts are tears or the eyes themselves (since they're similar-ish to the onions eyes). Might make it easier to read if you nixed the heart shape. Love the concept though! GL!

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Thanks guys. For the critics reading this, what would you suggest as a nice background colour? And how many colours do you see? The onion has lines of different opacities, which threadless might consider to each be their own colour. If that's the case, this goes well over 8 colours so that'll need to be changed...


put some shadows... and change the color of the tee

oh crap o crap

hahaha!! made me laugh...:D i like it!!


Sorrry if you use stroc black line arround i think characters will be more valuable


This is really cute. I would put it on a light background color, maybe a baby blue?


Instead of the onion taking a lollipop away; you might want to try having the onion ripping a piece of strawberry meat of the strawberry. Just my darkside.

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way better with the red strawberry...but maybe it should be a pickle instead...everybody always orders pickles and onions together on like subs and stuff so they sorta seem like friends then if the pickle was crying and the onion wa sbeing mean to it it would be like betrayal or something...

also chk my crtq plz



ooo also the placememtn of eithe rthe strawberries face should be higher or the arms lower...its too awkward right now...nobody's shoulders are above their heads..u know what i mean...


I'd make the onion a bit bigger. ground or background could be son foliage, what do you think? some orchard leaves

the onion looks great, has some nice colors too. colors red and green are too common, good luck

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Great idea! Maybe another tee color would make them pop out better. Also, consider adding a shadow below? And finally I would make the tears more noticeable, and add maybe three more drops.

Good luck, this is a cute and funny design! :)


Totally agree with mangobajito, shadows under the characters are really necessary in order to make them look like theyre not just floating on the shirt.

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that's a totally cute picture :D Personally I'm not a fan of the jaggy edges but it could be contributed to your individual style I suppose, as everyone is doing roundy. As for the lines on the onion, there's no real need for them to be different shades - just pick one and make them all the same. If you want variation, use different thicknesses of lines. Definitely add simple shadows under the characters to make them feel like they're sitting on something, and I'd put it on a light blue tee, or even lavender.


lol:) the idea is cute! i think you should draw this by hand because vector art tends to be "cold" and this requires a "warm" feel.

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the artwork needs cleaning up

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