The Littlest Seamstress's

  • by BCproduct
  • posted May 25, 2010

The smallest sewing twins in the world. Be still...

Watch this

The smallest sewing twins in the world. Be still...


This is a really cute idea! It's just my personal taste though, if I were to wear this as a shirt I would want the girls to look more cartoony or a bit softer around the edges. I think it would be interesting too if some how you could make the shirt look unfinished in parts around the sides the twins haven't 'sewed' or have the design have stitching along all of the shirt except right at the neck where they are working. It's a great idea to play around with.


nice idea :) !




I really like this, its such a cute idea

De Salvia

ahahaha very nice 5$


Thanks for all the comments everyone, I appreciate it! Especially Frozenpooptart, thanks for the thoughtful comments. =)


Sorry, but I feel compelled to comment that - if this is printed - it should be seamstresses, not seamstress's, which is the singular possessive. The design itself is clever and sweet, and I like the color contrast on the black T.


Awesome Idea. I agree with frozenpooptarts about making the edges a little softer or rounder. A good idea might be to work on the silhouette of the design prior to adding details to ensure the shapes look good and are easily read. I'd also suggest simplifying some of your shadow shapes and perhaps fiddling with the colors to add a little more harmony.

example below!

Great Design! :)

maja k

i love the idea

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