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  • posted May 24, 2010

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All you need is braaaaains. Pretty straightforward-messing around with different figures as zombies and the title just worked


thanks for the comment-I threw it up on here since threadless rejected it as needing more work-I'll look into changing the text


You seemed to double post this design so I'll just comment on this too: :D

  • I like the design but I'd get rid of the text. I'd also rearrange the heads to form a square and make them bigger.
  • It would look best on light yellow tee making their eyes look more "sick". :)

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Yea,threadless didnt load the page orignally so i thought it messed up,double post deleted.Thanks for the comment!

Tyrant Art

Are there any copy right issues on the beatles heads....be careful w/ that


I double checked before I had started and since they're not actual logos or icons and done in parody, they are covered under parody laws. I originally submitted it to threadless and wasn't warned about any issues so I imagine its fine-thanks for the concern though!

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nice idea - i really like the heads...but (also) I'm not that big fan of text on tees...but i think you wont get rid off it...

maybe you could try to arrange it like the cover of a new album...so the text could fit more into the design?

please have a look at the new version if you have some time left


Won't or shouldn't? I'm going to do a text free version and a text version to compare.Thanks


Text free and more square album based


Agh! Just realized the ears on two are wrong-aside from that, comments welcome and appreciated!


hmm, maybe have a few blood stains on the teeth? won't make sense if their mouths are smeared with blood but their teeth crystal clean? haha, but i like it overall :D

and definitely on a real tee too!


thanks,i saw yours the other day,love the color scheme


@roastyjack, thanks,yea i thoght about that, just didnt want the teeth to be lost in the blood-I'll hopefully have a new version up in a bit


Why is Harry Potter hanging out with Dave Grohl?


ha grohl i could see, but since when did potter have a stache?


I prefer it with the text but just make the text smaller and put it under the heads. And I actually preferred it when the heads were all in a row rather than squared.

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@ ladyflux,spiderflux yea i was a fan of the original but it seems the overall verdict is no text and box setup. I dunno. Spider, I know what you mean, the majorioty of my designs are stuff done for friends that I'm finally putting on here,so unfortunately I've got a few zombies,as much as I love them.

@chicochic-what do you suggest as far as background-I can't really see anything fitting. I thought about doing them more detailed, but didn't want too much going on and wanted to look more stencil like


yark, yark, yark! I love it. What are you waiting to submit this greeat tee-shirt!

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this is cool! i'd wear it! i like v2's layout but with the text. :)

if you're not busy, could you also comment here?


I personally like version one much better cause its a play on words and the heads look better horizontally, you should also considering using a color for the eyes but thats your call.

can you take a look at http://www.threadless.com/critique/68694/The_Inner_City and let me know what u think?

loo k ate me

i like v2 its more iconic and i dont mind the missing ear, because zombies fall apart right? i also like the clean teeth. if you do add text make it subtle. great design!!


I think you need the "Let it Zombie" text or there isn't really a "joke." Maybe just make the text smaller and tuck it underneath the faces a little. Not such a prominent design feature. That way, it's more of a secondary punchline.


Changed the eye color-maybe glow ink for added effect too? Add the text at the bottom much smaller. I tried the bloody teeth,but it caused them to fade into the rest too much. Same with the grey shirt, it fades too much into the facial colors. Thanks for all the great comments and help so far


Niiiiiiiice. I like it.


I really like this actually, don't know what to add. Might be worth adding in some shading onto their heads, dunno. Thanks for the comment on mine ;)


nice!! I would put them in the boxes like the real album to create a better and quicker connection, and the text on the top..


Thanks for checking out my critiques, appreciate it. I really like this design, its well done. I do like it better without the text, I feel like something is missing, maybe shadows or dripping blood or something like that. try and play around with it. I really like where you are going. =D


@alismith85, thanks, thought abotu doing the hair but it seems like itd be more detail than the faith if that were done @Ezahn-I know what you mean, just the boxes seem too formal to me for what it is, I could be wrong @Phauxe-Yea I didnt want too many elements, everthings made to almost be stencil like since I make stenciled tshirts now and then, but more detail might help it


all i can say is it definitely doesnt need the text, thats a bigee here. maybe try orienting them differently so they arent right next to each other in a square, just to mess about with.


It really doesn't need the text, but if you're going to keep it, maybe let the letters 'zom' and 'i' be less defined somehow?

My first design needs comments, if you have time.

Yuhki Demers Design

i would lose the text for sure and maybe try tilting their heads for more of a zombie feeling or maybe placing their heads horizontally across the T


awww.. i love the beatles :( but the illustration is looking great! :) i definitely like it with the 4 stacked better than all 4 across. have you tried putting the type in the middle or above instead of below?


I gree with the other comment, I would take the text, or maybe just make it smaller and move it to a side to make it less improtant. Good job!

Would anyone mind giving my design critique?


It looks best on the olive shirt, maybe make the eye sockets transparent so they take on the olive color of the background


Haha i like it. i kind of want to see more torn flesh, but it all depends on how recently they became zombies. :) cool concept


Without the text, it seems like the whole joke is lost-it just ends up being a buncha zombie beatles for no reason,rather than the wordplay being made visual. I'm probably going to switch the eyes back to matching the shirt color and changin the shirts to a green/blue setup. As much as I like the idea of it on grey, the grey washes the rest out too much Definitely going to try adding a bit more detail though Thans for the comments so far


awesome, really! go with the yellow background.

What do you think of my latest?


haha thats clever. i like it a lot, but the color of the shirt is kind of gross.


thanks for the advice all-i know all about the text hate, but I just can't see how the shirt makes any sense without it-perhaps a text hater out there can explain it? Ha yea,they colors aren't my favorite, but in tryintg to find what goes with zombies,these seemed to fit, I'll be changin them tho to more a blue, a different green,and who knows Grey just doesnt seem to work, but i'll post one up anyhow


Rebooted the whole project,based more on the actual cover, changed shirt colors and skin tone to fit shirt color(good call guys, doubted it but I love the change!) bloody teeth as suggested, along with more detail and color.Overall, glad I listened to you all. Thoughts?


I like both versions of the faces. good work


Having the two on the right a bit lower down kind of throws me off. Otherwise this design is phenomenal.


nice, i like ur design. i hope this gets printed.^^

if you have time please view and comment on my design tnx!


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good idea. works best on sand, but try on white too. Nudge john up a bit, and try putting the glasses on him again. (on this version). could be funny and more easy to get who they are


Awesome! :D Though the the two on the left could be a bit away from each other.

ben buzzkill

I agree with most of the comment already posted. Other than that I'd just maybe work in a little more detail to the faces.

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