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this is great! i would play around with the size and placement more though. and i'm probably wrong but what about different shirt colors? maybe on a light brown?

Check it out. still pending but check it out of you're bored anyway!


i dunno if its me, but i feel like the spiders don't fit with the rest of your BEAUTIFUL design... maybe redo them to look more flowy, like your bird! :)

mind taking a second and critiquing MINE?


leave it exactly the way it is!! love the spiders...they add interest! $5

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thx for the comments... i really like the bird, but I'm not sure about the spiders. Maybe you could try another style or color...everything else is really cool


i like it, but try it on a green-ish shirt. thats what i envision for it.

Lou Co Bow

I thought that too, I had it on green first but found it didn't really work on the green shirts avalible. The grey makes the image stand out much more, thanks though


it looks good just...i'm not too sure about the spiders though, other than that it looks good


i do like the overall flow of the design, especially the color choice and sketch lines radiating out of the bird.

with that being said, i think the design would do much better, if the sketch lines radiate only out of the bird and not also from the right bottom corner. also, remove the lines radiating out of the body of the bird (bottom right hand corner), and exaggerate the lines coming off the wings and the tail, anything to help depict flow would be awesome. dont be afraid to add in more feathers :)

again, great design, hope to see the final product soon!

please comment and vote for my piece if you can spare a couple of seconds:


WOW this is fantastic. great illustration. and definitely great color choices for the birds my suggestions are that maybe a different color shirt. and im not sure what the random sketch lines behind the bird are but i agree with amphirious maybe the sketch lines should only come out of the bird. add movement to the design. great work. watching this! and my design is up for scoring! help me out if you have the time! WOULD BE AWESOME!!

Lou Co Bow

thanks for all the comments! i'll try changing the background lines and make the spiders fit in better, I want to keep the spiders!

Lou Co Bow

new version, thoughts please!!


this looks amazing! I would like to see it on a black t shirt. I think it would make the bird and the colors stand out a lot more


I think this is awesome. I would like to see it on a black, or a darker tee at least. It is a lovely design though. I dont know, I might even drop the dragon flies. The bird I feel is strong enough on its own.

keep up the good work.

Thanks for the Crit on Extra Extra

Lou Co Bow

grey or black?!

(I like grey best!!)


I think black one is better. Its really nice design, you could maybe include glow in the dark with this, maybe adding some more appeal, up to you tho! Keep it up!!! Nice :D

3 days left, please rate!!!


I prefer the grey. Submit i reckon.


Pretty. I love it on grey. Maybe just submit both options. And I'll kinda like it more if the bird were smaller. But well, that's just me.

If you have time please help me score my design. Thank you!

Lou Co Bow

thanks for all comments!

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grey works best! maybe the print is too big, but it looks great.

all island support is welcome :-) Walk on Water is up for voting


yes. i like. very much!

Lou Co Bow

brighter and better I hope!


i like it more on the grey shirt. looks more compatible with the softness coming from the bird. :)

please check out mine here if you have the time. :)


very nice. i like it on the black. submit!

my design is up for scoring. could ya help me out and vote and leave a comment? thanks! happy worst day ever


This is fantastic! im not sure if i like the how u just outlined the bird in this one. but it definitely isnt worse haha. awesome design i think ur ready to submit for sure keep it up. and i just update my design critique mine if you have the time! WOULD BE AWESOME!

2 Headed Monster

Great work. I like it in both colors

Please, if you have the time help me to improve my design.




I like it on the black t-shirt, the bird really stands out on that one. Your quit an artist!!

Nathan Jones

Can we see what it would look like on mabey a green or blue tee? Its very nice and I think that it would look better on a light blue.

Lou Co Bow

this is the one I'm submitting!...


hit that up w. a 5 piece chicken nugget haha great progresssion w. the design best of luck to you! and if u have the time let me know what u think of mine WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU COULD


I think you should submit. beautiful illustration. would love to see it on some color shirts.


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