Did anyone call for a doctor?

  • by Ma Bell
  • posted May 20, 2010

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Ma Bell

This is for the Minimalism Design Challenge. Too much, too obvious?

Ma Bell

Ever watched Dr Who?


I get it, as I live in the uk. But this is mainly a american site, will they get it? I like it tho, put the designs on a tee so we can see the placement of the design. Even though you have tried to keep it simple, but I think you could work on the dalek a little bit more. KEEP IT UP!

What do you think of my new version?


Now, i thought it was a star wars reference. Being I thought it was an R2 unit, I believe they had red top ones that were repair droids, but I could be wrong.

I do like the simplicity of it...now that I look again, if I had paid more attention I would of noticed that was a more of a phone booth than a door...sometimes my brain doesnt work lol.

I know it is simple, but maybe some detail lines, or shadows or what not. Keep it going!

Check Mine Please? That Ain't Mine

Ma Bell

It's for the minimalism contest so I was trying not to be too detailed.


unfortunately I have to agree with above... I have seen the original Dr Who and even I was a little confused. I think the design is going to need a lot more work for people to get it

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