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Smart Nouveau

  • by EmmyCic
  • posted May 19, 2010

Smart Nouveau is a cutesy nod at the classic style of Alphonse Mucha.

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EmmyCic profile pic Alumni

Smart Nouveau is a cutesy nod at the classic style of Alphonse Mucha.


snort* haha thats clever, but maybe make it just like mucha only add glasses and books. make it with the same watercolor ect. not quite so cartoony? really good tho 4$


very cute! I agree that it could have a few more art nouveau touches but it's still cute!


It's not really something I'd like to wear, but nice illo


aww!! It's so cute!! I would love a shirt of this :D


that is awesome! love the coffee at the top of the pic by the way- anybody who is studying that much is gonna need it! 5


love it! :)


I love the design, but grey is such an ugly colour for women's t-shirts.

laurastead profile pic Alumni

I own three silver color shirts. I love mucha but I don't know how I feel about the colors. Good illo though!


As a public library employee I would totally love a print of this for my desk! A shirt would also be awesome, of course. :D


Emmy C can do no wrong! Emmy for President!!!


I seriously want this for a shirt. Seriously.


I'm torn! It's a great nod to Mucha with the hair and the background, but the woman herself is so skinny and generic. I wish she was more voluptuous! I still love it though, $5.


in french "art nouveau" really beautiful illustration 5


love the design, but the colors are kinda halloween. 5!


love the design, but the colors are kinda halloween. 5!


oohh I'd love this on a shirt! 5 all the way!

Ma Bell

She reminds me of a Disney princess. Very nice.


That woman looks like a man or a rip off of Disney characters ..I can't decide. The idea of this design is rather boring too. 1

EmmyCic profile pic Alumni

"That woman looks like a man"

aw honey :(


love love


It's the tea that clinches it. She kind of looks like me, is it egotistical to want this shirt?


5 and a waaant so bad. It's like a PERFECT shirt for me. T_T


Love the concept and the execution! The tea at the top is what really gets me =]


5 n' buy there, Emmy.

Seabs profile pic Alumni

she is a bit disney! Maybe try putting your designs on the proper photos tee templates rather than the ones threadless provides, gives a better idea of the design on the tee. nice work!


One day. Thrice the votes of any of the tees submit immediately before or after it.

Congrats on Bestee 2011.


I love her hair! 5 for sure.

Charmstub - Almost half of my tee collection (around 20) are grey, and I wear them regularly. Oh, and I don't look horrible.

Kehlar - Yes, she does look disneyish. Many artists draw their styles from Disney, and most of them are great. Check out Loish, for example.


Gorgeous literary ladies are always welcome, but the tea clinches it ;) The grey isn't bad, although I'd be interested to see this on a blue background of a similar tone.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i don't get what this has to do with the little mermaid.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Is it wrong that I'd like to take her out dancing, and then to a quiet coffee shop for a frank discussion of Emerson? Also, she has your neck, I think. Also, this is a beautiful drawring.

Call me.


Ignore the haters - this is adorable!

Love Art Nouveau and would wear this in a heart-beat! I think it would be beautiful on purple :)


EmmyCic profile pic Alumni

I did consider posting this to the coffee challenge, but I didn't think my design was coffee oriented enough to warrant the special category. There are way better, more coffee-centric designs in the contest already that are just more appropriate.

Plus I like the open interpretation that it could also be tea up there!


I love it! I actually gasped when I saw it on your livejournal page. This is such a lovely design and includes so many things that make me happy (especially with the perception that it's tea AND coffee).


The illustration is nice but I wouldn't want to wear it as a shirt.

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