That Ain't Mine

  • by elvisshow
  • posted May 17, 2010

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This idea has run through my head for a couple years now. I just finally sat down to make it, and want to see what you guys think. Maybe it is not as funny as i think it is.


It isn't immediately obvious what's going on. Perhaps you should make the green baby bigger, or in close-up. And have the real dad casually walk somewhere in the background. Perhaps a mailman in a blue uniform?

Oh, and could you please stuff your presentation in a controllable swf? The automatic showreel makes me a bit edgy. I don't feel I have time to look where I want to.

Please comment on my designs too: "Pick Me" "RainbowZebra"


I find it very cool ! I really don't think you could improve the drawing, but I think maybe it should be placed more at the middle of the shirt, and should be bigger ; I like the blue one and the white one.

It definitely has its chance I think :)


LOL! Cool concept! I love the idea! Maybe Just have it be the two parents, arguing, and the lil' green Kool-Aid kid, not the other one. Lol, I like this idea a lot. Illo could use a bit of clean-up and stylizing, but this idea rocks. HE CAME BACH!!!


It might work like that, or in a different style than i have it. When I get around to it, I may try a different style on the illustration from what I have now.

Oh, and Bucket knight, This is a .gif file, just meant for the intention of showing the rough of the design. The computer I am at also, does not currently have flash on it, so at the time, no i can not place it into a .swf


Here are some minor changes, like additions to the illustration to slightly change its style, with a "woodcut" in some areas. I have also made the green "baby" larger as suggested. What does everyone think?


someone else mentioned a blue guy, honestly since he will be a little more work than changing style i am trying to keep from doing a blue, but my original idea like 2 years ago, involved a blue one, maybe i should just make a blue one.


i agree. it'd be cool to add a blue one. i think you should make the orange "kid" larger because it's supposed to be bigger than the green one. :)


I can do that, i guess since several people have mentioned a blue one, when i get the chance, i will add a blue one.

Thanks everyone for the input so far.


nice idea! The drawing of it lets it down a bit though, add more shading and maybe even more colours to lift and add more weight. And adding a blue one would be cool too.

What do you think of my new version?


This version is with more changes that have been suggested, thanks for the input so far, Please keep the comments coming.


I really like this, but I wonder what it would look like if you took out the pavement backdrop.

I do like the addition of the blue koolaid man


I have thought about removing the pavement. The more little change I make to it, the more I start thinking this pavement looks stupid.


I could also make it slightly larger if I got rid of the pavement. I might do that soon.


Hilarious idea you have here. I really like how the baby-cups are mixes of the colors of the mother and the two dads. Very nice touch. I agree that the blue mail-man dad is necessary for the joke.

That said, I think it needs something. I can tell that they're supposed to be in a neighborhood, but I think it needs more background to fully convey that. Alternatively, do you really need the background? I think the characters can sell this themselves, Maybe even some text from red kool-aid man, like "That ain't mine!" or something similar.

Hope this helps, dude. Thanks for critiquing mine too.


No problem. I think the next time i work on it I am going to get rid of the road. I have thought about a background, but nothing has popped in my head, and I think I only have one more color before I hit my limit of 8. I will have to think a little before I get to making the next version. Think about a background and probably get rid of the road. It was originally just to ground the red and yellow one, but now with the blue, they really dont need it.


this is hilarious!

I totally agree about removing the pavement. how about making the blue man reading a newspaper while staring from a distance? then, you wouldn't need the background. just a thought though.

Thanks for critiquing my design!


I might do that. then it would just be understood they were somewhere, and not where are they. Thanks alot. Might be a bit before i make the changes, I am tired of looking at flavored drinks lol.


Hi! Thanks for the comment on mine.

This quit nice.. I like the "checking the mail thing", but would be funnier if the blue one WAS the mailman :D, with the hat and bag and stuff (a mustache maybe?).

I'm not sure variations of this concept weren't done before, but since I can't put my finger on one, I'll drop the subject.

Also I'm missing the handles for the jugs. They seem too large to be held without a handle.

Good luck!


thanks a lot for the comment on my piece. the concept, like everyone said, is pretty hilarious. that being said, you should fine tune the style of the jugs, and maybe fix the perspective of the white striping on the road. plus, maybe have the scene set on a sidewalk next to the street? seems weird to have a family quarrel in the middle of the street--nor is it safe... :P


thanks again everyone. I will work on some of these changes tomorrow. i am most def getting rid of the stupid road, i hate it now.


i think it is a good idea but i think you should have them on solid ground. no road, but if you want to keep the road i suggest you fix it a little. but over all ill give it a 4


lol, nice, maybe do a part 2 on a Maury or Springer stage


THe maury show crossed my mind many times when making this, it is probably where the idea come from. That show is so funny. I will have an update on this piece today.


Version 4. I have made some changes that have been given to me through comments, and friends opinions.

What do you guys and gals think now?


maybe he is spill proof, lol


I really like it but feel it needs some sort of background, I didn't like the road but I do think it needs something if its going to be on a light t-shirt

Crit mine if you have time


thinks there's a similar design somewhere with regards of color mixing. nice concept, agree with dac101. not really sure about those grasses maybe some light colored background will work better.

with regards the placement, seems bit too high leaving bottom kind of empty.

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lol i love the humor in this. i would deffinatly buy it.

i do think that it looks kinda like cli art though

mtths profile pic Alumni

it's a bit hard to see what we're looking at, when you place in on a blue tee like that. because the light blue lines will fade away and you only see the colored liquids really well. maybe change the linecolor to another darker color to get it better on light tees?. also try to make the liquid cans more 3d, by drawing small lines for the bottom or the opening.

thanks for: How May I Serve You?


Thank you everyone who has comment so far.

I keep getting the mention of a background, even a simple one. What kinda of background, simple or not, are we talking about. I am not sure what to do in the sense of a background. I agreed with everyone that the road terrible, my girlfriend suggested the grass sprigs to help ground them.

I still dunno what to do about a background though, any thoughts?

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thanks for the feedback on mine. I like your idea, but the design needs work- use a coloured background to set the characters.. i'll have to get back to you when I have time. keep going!


lol classic :D anyway i think that maybe you need change the gb color... maybe mint?


Hilarious! I think the placement seems a little too big on the shirt. Maybe if everything was brought in a little closer to each other, it would help with the background issue as well. Great concept though, keep at it!


I might try bringing them closer, probably be tomorrow before i do, but I might just try that. Thanks!


I'm glad you got rid of the road. Regarding your background problem, perhaps you could try setting it up so the "family" is on their front lawn, sort of in front of their house, and the blue guy is grabbing the newspaper from his front door? Give it a little bit of a suburban vibe.

Keep up the good work.

If you get bored, I could use a critique on any of mine.


I like this a lot more without the road graphic!

Please critique my latest Unhappy Hedgehog


I will try some of these things tomorrow when I get back to working on it. I personally like it loads better with out the road graphic.

Thanks everyone so far for all the input. Maybe it will be awesome one day lol.


the pitchers need handles! i kept staring at it thinkin it was missing something... then whammo! lol i also agree, you need to show their homes, so its a little more apparent they are neighbors? maybe :)


I like it. The concept is really good.

However, I prefer the look of the first version, I.E., without the "sawblade" on the side. I don't understand what it represents.


I'll repeat myself by saying they still needs handles.

Now, about the BG... I think you must have some sort of sidewalk or road if you want to keep the mailbox. However, it doesn't have to be so strong like the last road. Maybe just some subtle lines to suggest the outline of a pavement rise, maybe have it split to large blocks.

Good luck, and can you please re-check mine out? Thanks!


I don't think you need the real dad in the background, as that guy just confuses me. I like the idea, though I think it would be better if you had the baby bigger? Cool illustration too


Hmm - I think the baby's z's could be slightly larger. You can only see it if you're in detail mode.

I think the arms also look a little odd. Oh, I just figured out that the OJ glass. You can have him be on the dad's side instead.

Cute concept.

Anybody else want to critique me?

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