If you were wondering...Yes, Astronauts Golf

  • by rkotar
  • posted May 11, 2010

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My first submission to threadless. Any kindof of input would be awesome.
Good or bad what are your thoughts?


ooo... i like the look of this. What would the placement be?


w0w submit!. dont forget d placement.. good luck!

If you have time please view and comment on my Design CACT-U! tnx ^^


Love the colors! I'd suggest a bottom of the shirt placement, I think it'd look pretty good there.


Awww yeah


Thanks a ton! As far as placement. I was thinking bottom of the shirt and slightly offset. and I like the idea of him standing on the moon. might try that 4sure. Thanks a lot and i will try n comment on all your designs!


I really like this! Good illustration and interesting colors. Will be good to see placement. I'm thinking it would be nice if it didn't cover the whole shirt. So it wasn't overpowering.

Help with mine if you can Earth Day 2010


The golf ball is a good idea. even a very subtle one. I still think a hint of a flag in the visor would be cool :)

@ NachoG: If you read this then thanks for referencing my critique :) you may have had the wrong window copied mate. I'd return the favour but i'm not sure which of your designs you meant to reference :)



looks good, stick it up for voting.

The will of Will

The golf ball and the moon are great ideas, but I really like this. Maybe, he’s walking toward the flag and the reflection of the other astronaut getting ready to pull it for him?


i Like these ideas of the flag relection in the mask. looking into adding the moon to the bottom too but not entirely sure. These suggestions are awesome!


awesome job! like the flag reflection idea too. show placement and then submit!


wow! awesome artwork going on there! submit!


Added in the refelction of the flag everyone asked for. with a little golf twist that i really like. let me know if it reads right. working on the placement that will be up next. thoughts?


HAHA!!! brilliant.. in all the talk I never thought of using THAT flag... well done lol.


I would buy this! Submit Submit!


rkotar, the flag really improved the design. i want to see how you;re going to place it on the shirt thought.

super awesome illustration man.

Michael Cowdy

Great design, think the illo work is quality. Not much for me to say really as it looks all done and ready to submit. Suggestions for placement are dependent on whether you have legs drawn. I'm guessing you don't as you haven't shown them, so i'd suggest starting at the bottom of the tee. This will sort the problem of the clean cut edge. Great stuff and thanks for you comments on mine!!!

-TIMO- profile pic Alumni

I think it's well done. Perhaps you could put the awesome idea with the flag a bit more into focus ... e.g. by showing this scene a bit bigger in the helmet reflection.

ersinerturk profile pic Alumni

imo if you add the background (moon surface, space, stars and earth) and soften the yellow tone or turn it completely to grey this would easily make a 3+ score. though feel free about the color, don't listen to me. btw, great idea, great illo!


very nice work! and the flag is just perfect....

check mine


great stuff! very nice illu and i do like the neon style colors too. i'd say it's ready for submition the way it is! how is the position on the shirt gonna be?


its really nice id submit


really nice the colors are bright and may displease some people but if you like the colors like i do thumbs up


might actually post a second along with this one of more subtle colors so people have a choice


i like it, my only suggestion is to tweak the colors a little perhaps


Alright seems like some color options are what people are asking for. was actually already working on some alternates because i think i am over the 8 color limit with all the shades anyway. Thanks for the suggestions greatly appreciated v3 up tonight or tomorrow with placement!



Okay, seriously though, EPIC design. The concept is pure gold. Excelent art. I don't know exactly how well it'd look on a shirt, but nothing that awesome looks downright bad on a shirt! For the love of humanity. Submit.


haha thanks a lot TheJelloMaster. means a lot to see that someone likes something you've worked hard on. workin on hopefully a final version see what you guys think. then itl be onto the submit!


wow. amazing illustration! where would you place this on the shirt though? I think i could look great in both the center or in the right hand side. amazing. can't say it enough. I would wear it no matter where you put it though. really great job. (:

if you have time could you please comment on mine, any feedback would be appreciated: http://www.threadless.com/critique/67736/Gone_Solo


This is awesome! I love the detail. I cant wait to see the placement ^.^

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