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This is really cool. Makes me want to read Daniel Pinchbeck.


wow dude did u use water color? awesome!


oh and i love the colors great job

lore loreta

wtf??? what is he sniffing??? lol


great job


was this a photoshop/illustrator job if so well well done :D i reallky like it

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

is he playing a flute with his nose? the art is great but the choice of subject is odd.

Sylvia Ang

Thanks for all comments.
Bio-bot 9000, You are right! He is playing flute with his nose. Zicr and Archini, The medium i use for this illustration is marker. Purely done by marker. Not using any software to touch-up. :)

St. Royal

realllllly nice painting

St. Royal

realllllly nice painting

Spank Sinatra

Might make a decent print, don't think it works as a tee though.


Great illustration!

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