o hai, it's another animated gif blog

I know there are a ton of these, but show me some good animated gifs! I need them to use as emoticons at work because I have to do things to make my life more interesting.

They have to be small enough because the IM program won't let me input anything much bigger than an icon...

like this one

Animated Icons

and they must be SFW... :D

Watch this
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You seem familiar...

...but I can't place it. hmm

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jamesf profile pic Alumni



o hai guys! I'm alive!


hushit ryan :P


Hi y'all!!

SJ I miss you too :(

yay, it's derek!

i fail at life these days...


Hey, you can't just show up here and act like you haven't been gone for the past month.

And hi, Kerry!


hi alwin!!

I know, I've not been doing anything exciting, just being too lazy/busy to set up wifi for my laptop and working and getting the apartment fixed up, etc :D

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