What's the deal with slogans?

It would appear that slogans are the realm of the artistically inept, if not just the plain stupid. Only 24 people are voting on these things? I guess the fact that the majority of the slogans are twaddle keeps folks from caring about them. I've only given the thumbs up to perhaps 2 out of 100. Anyone else care to chime in on this?

Watch this

yeah.....I'm not so much a fan. I'm here to look at, submit, and buy art.

Though I will admit, most people whom I show the Threadless site like the slogans.

Meh...just not my thing.


Je suis le singe dans l'arbre.

I am....?

my french sucks. whats it say?

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Shix on Jul 13 '06 at 5:34pm
Je suis le singe dans l'arbre.

I am....?

my french sucks. whats it say?


I am the monkey in the tree - directly translated. But I'm not sure it should be 'dans'.


Figures. That's Babelfish for you. It's inspired by a bit that Eddie Izzard does in his show "Dress to Kill". If you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat. Highly recommended.

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When you first submit a slogan it gets voting priority till about 20 scores and then it is mixed in with all of the other slogans we've received which is something insane like 120,000+.... so votes come a lot less frequently


Thanks shim!


lol, that's why my slogans have been sitting at like 30 - 40

wow, 120k is insane....

shimala....do the people at threadless read each one?


I love "Dress to Kill" that is some crazy funny stuff


Poop. I should never have put the comma in the slogan "Fascinated by small, shiny objects" I trust I will have the option to remove it if the shirt gets made?

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