Three Bears (and one on the side)

Someone's been sleeping in Papa Bear's bed and Mama Bear just found out!

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Mr. Graa

Sweet you finally posted it! Ahh i love it! nice idea and very creative! 5$


haha yay u posted it, funny stuff


i love it! i want one!

BOTERIO profile pic Alumni

jajaja. funny and cute!

Bunny Dojo

You did a really wonderful job with this, a great idea and a great initial illustration that you just made better and better. I hope you do really well. :)


lol so fun love the idea man 5


Goldilocks was too hot...

Mama Bear was too cold...

Single life is just right.

Very clever :)


hahahahaha :) she's mad pissed ain't she? haha :)


oh, the jig is up!


i knew Gold Lox was looking for more than just porridge....tsk tsk tsk smh lol. come check out my FIRST design ass well please, i could the feedback, thanks!

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