On the nostalgia of flying

  • by sidepull
  • posted Apr 27, 2010

I remember pretending I had super powers as a little kid. It made running home from school an adventure because I could fly, jump buildings, burn through things with laser vision, or even turn invisible. Maybe I did. Maybe I was really a superhero in training and I've just lost my way. What if that's the case? Maybe that happened to you? Hopefully this shirt will help us reclaim some of our powers from the dastardly grips of the evil Dr. Talento and his group of henchmen err, mothers.

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bortwein profile pic Alumni

Congrats! Great Slogan. My mom already bought one for her and my dad to wear as well. She said it was the "BEST MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT EVER!!"


Funny. I've been promoting it as a mother's day gift too. I never would have thought about that when I submitted it August last year.


big congrats!
excellent/awesome super powers slogan!


Uh … so did this sell out?


Copyrights my friends DC owns everything When you want to use the word "Super" better do your research first

bortwein profile pic Alumni

:( the other festa on May 03 '10 at 11:39am we received a strongly worded letter from DC Comics/Warner Bros. We are trying to bring this one back, but it will be off of the site in the meantime.


Yep, that's the deal. Just got the email. :(

I wonder if any of them were actually shipped?


i'm kinda impressed with how quickly DC discovered this...

makes me think they (or some proxy there of) check Threadless every Monday

bortwein profile pic Alumni

sidepull on May 03 '10 at 12:13pm Yep, that's the deal. Just got the email. :( I wonder if any of them were actually shipped? Just got the email as well. I hope they can work things out.

I got my order.


Bort - glad that someone got them!

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

According to this blog, it looks like Soloyo got one too, but he may have used the actual store and not the website

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

They don't own super powers. If that was the case how is Marvel allowed to operate? Do they have to call their people special heroes?


Ross - I was thinking that too. I wonder if it was a combination of the typeface and the word "super"?

I have a friend that's a huge comic book collector and he was really pissed when he heard about this.

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