I was just wondering why of all the great slogans on here they had to pick this one, I'm not trying to be rude against the creator or anything. There are just so many better slogans out there, and I'm not saying that mine are great I just wish, threadless would pick funnier slogans to create into t-shirts.

Watch this
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It would be interesting to see a behind-the-scenes process on any typetee

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I moved on from the way did this get picked stage into the why the hell did this have to get such an awesome artist for it stage? If they would've picked the slogan and just had a terrible design I could've lived with it, but now the terrible slogan is going to sell pretty well because of the amazing design.

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Wow question mark was way off where it should've been. Hopefully what I said makes sense though.


maybe votes? just a guess, i'm not sure though

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If you look at her slogans and the votes that are on them it doesn't make sense. The votes are either from fake accounts, or from friends that don't actually read the slogans. Nobody gets 80% with the crap she has.

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I was going to write a lengthy, well researched reply, including relevant commentary from leading scholars in the fields of literature, philosophy, and art criticism, but instead I went outside, watched a spider spin a web, and gave my grandfather a call.

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I designed it, and technically I picked the slogan. But with only about 20 seconds to pick a slogan from a shortlist, It was more like throwing darts than making a well thought out decision.

I tried my best to make the most of the slogan designwise, I'm sorry you guys don't like it.

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That's the problem we do love the design. Also don't appologize you weren't given a lot of choices, and seeing how great your design was for it, I can see why you chose this.


Because if the slogan is created by a cute girl then it will get voted for much more-so than a slogan done by a faceless user.

The design is fantastic but the slogans are always going to be picked by how the user acts, interacts socially on threadless and also how they look.

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"I don't mean to be rude, but I think this sucks"

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