Kids Sizes?

  • by Sandman5
  • posted Apr 26, 2010

No Kid Sizes for this design? It would make a great T-shirt for them...

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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

huh, didn't notice that. very surprising.


Surprising. I'll have to keep an eye on this for kids sizes. My kid would LOVE this shirt.


Need a size for 3-year old. This is a great shirt and is ideal for kids, and parents who want to break their kids into the realities of the world at an earlier age than most. ;-)

dacat profile pic Alumni

Yeah, thought this was a sure print for kids...I don't get why not. I would have bought this in a sec for my niece and nephews


Need this to add to my kids' shirt stash for my best friend when he has a kid!


Sooooooo would have bought this for me little guy and my nephew - they are both total dino boys and would get sych a kick out of this!!


Yeah, I saw this design and just automatically assumed it would be a kids shirt. My coworker's son is crazy about dinosaurs and she wants a hoodie for him with this design. Even the adult XS is gonna be too big for her 4 year old.


Yeah, definitely need a kids shirt. My four-year-old niece has two passions in life: dinosaurs and the color blue. This shirt is MADE for her.

Casey Guiness

yeah, my kids want this! 2 yr for $18

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