uhh, whos birthday is close again?(HAPPY BDAY KERRN!!!!!)

ive been away from threadless for a long time, but i promissed points to someone, i think kerrn, because she like, .1 younger than me. so where are you???

Watch this

mine is 16 days.

waves hand in air pick me!


Feliz cumpleaños, señor Lopez!

(I hope I managed to spell that correctly. I have no idea how to make that upsidedown !)


I was about to make you a happy birthday blog!

happy birthday matt!

yah my birthday is tomorrow!

go team july.


staffell profile pic Alumni

karens is thursday


mine is on july 27!


i'm next wednesdasy (july 19)


mexico! remember that 30 sec phone convo? lol. hmm mine is on sunday. points for me.. plz its my quincenera!! lol


hmmm, lots of july bdays, but i promised the points to kerrn cuz she is .1 younger than me =)

happy birthday kerrn!!!!!!!!!

o yes, bowser, you share my moms birthday, and yes, i remember that awkward phome convo that was supposed to start off threadless live audio chatting ;)

i need to get re addicted to threadless, i miss it

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