0% cyan 0% magenta 0% yellow 100% me

Hope you like it! ;)

Watch this

Yes i like it, 5



-TIMO- profile pic Alumni

that's a cool idea. 5$


oh my god!! it is nice! really nice! 5 5 5 5 5 5 5


great idea! :D


Nice idea, 5$. Good luck!


haha, i'm with jmg14... i get where you're going with this... but neither your model or you appear to be 100% black... i could see where people might get confused. i like that "me" rhymes with "key."


i even like ur blog, so simple and neat
italiano vero :P



-TIMO-,uchibbong,jmg14,sadra1,RanaOo,ameliorable,Bandco,Rodos !

@ jmg14,Bandco: I don't think this tee has only one interpretation :) Now, I have 3.
1) I attach importance to colours but more to being myself 100%.
2) I'm 100% Me (and 100% Black, inside).
3) I'm in the CMYK scale (now CMYM ^^) as myself.
What's yours?

@ Rodos: Thank u very much for appreciate my website :) Yep, I'm italian :D

Skap 1er

interesting idea, but it would be strange to wear this if you aren't black

snaggle tooth

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I know tone can't be heard in comments, but I feel like if it is 0% of something it shouldn't be on the shirt, or displayed in a way to make it apparent. Maybe an empty box for those or all of them... I don't know.


good one!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice idea, only I would like to see them all at 100%...
that'd be more of a "creative freedom" or "equality" statement

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