One second...

Who wants to play frisbee in the dark?

Because I sure as heck do!

I'd love to thank all of you who voted for this. I'm sooo happy with how it came out. I'm super giddy about the whole thing. 3 years ago I thought I'd never be printed.... then again 4 years ago I didn't know I could draw.

Thanks for all of the encouragement: Doomers and Kerrn and KBShakedown for being there once again for print inspiration.

I cannot believe the buzz this shirt has already got! It has been Featured on:
Wired part Deux
Kotaku 2.0
Scifi pulse
We Covet

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SuperRyan profile pic Alumni



I am a huge TRON fanboy and I can't even express how happy I am to see this shirt and hoodie!

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

I would TOTALLY play frisbee in the dark wearing this tee! Way to FREAKING go!

mgwizzy profile pic Alumni

Wow, you "couldn't" draw 4 years ago? What an inspiration you are! I am going to start drawing. Congrats on your print!

TimScribble profile pic Alumni

Awesome dude. This turned out great. The hoody looks really good.

Music Hunter

i just ordered this! didn't even think twice! congrats!


I know nothing of tron but congrats all the same!

PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni

Congrats man! Super good stuff here.

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

Congrats, the 4 prints on your profile look symmetrically awesome.

dschwen profile pic Alumni

dan reed on Apr 19 '10 at 11:08am
I cant wait to get the hoodie for this! Killer work!!

Agreed, the hoodie is AWESOME!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

the hoodie looks so COOL! congrats rolf!


Two enthusiastic thumbs up on your most recent (but certainly not last) success!

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Congrats, man! Gotta admit I was skeptical on how this would look printed but turned out great, specially the hoody; and I'm really tempted to order it but how it is here I probably won't be using it in the next 9 months so hopefully there will be a reprint closer to winter.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Thanks Hector... Same. I'm going to send a thank you to whoever was responsible for talking with the printer.

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the link there Brian! I tweeted it and facebooked it!!!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

holy poop almost all the hoodies are gone.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

i got an email - congrats man, well deserved!

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

I just checked the stock- your hoodie is almost completely sold out already!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

yeah...absolutely redonkulous.

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

Congrats!!! Awesome redesign/resub print! This turned out awesome!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Thanks! only 10 left...


NOOOO! The hoodie sold out already. If it gets reprinted, I'm definitely getting one.

the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Alumni

your gonna make freaking bank off of reprints!
just lettin you know now! haha


Holy crap. The hoodies sold out! Congrats on the print!!


No more hoodies! EVERYONE VOTE FOR A REPRINT!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE! I need it to match my shirt!!!


the Sleeping Sky on Apr 19 '10 at 10:26pm
your gonna make freaking bank off of reprints!
just lettin you know now! haha

I think Rolf already knows a lil' about that. ;)

Congrats again! I'm not surprised at all that the hoodies are gone already!


Wow this came out yesterday and it's already sold out of hoodies. I'm going to have to vote for a reprint.

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

Dammit.... Why couldn't I had this idea. Oh well... A big congrats Rolf! You deserve it! Re-Print!


Wooooo! A zany-fast reprint on the hoodies! I got one of each now! ^____^


Kids sizes please!!!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

damn first alumni print with a big hit, thats awesome its featured on every damn website ever made, congrats again!!!

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