[Type Tees] Printed Slogans and percentages

All slogans printed so far, with percentages and links to the writer's slogans page.
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I listen to bands that don't even exist yet.,
by Freakinawesome, of 342 votes, 61% like it

It's good to know someone's watching my back.,
by Tracerbullet, of 186 votes, 70% like it

You just lost our staring contest.,
by pseudonymjones, of 133 votes, 68% like it

To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate.,
by liich , of 57 votes, 54% like it

This shirt hides my cold, robot interior.,
by evade , of 90 votes, 53% like it

I'm A Noun!,
by Sharlajay , of 70 votes, 26% like it

being vague is almost as fun as doing this other thing,
by Torakamikaze , of 191 votes, 66% like it

Allow me to explain through interpretive dance,
by Darkie, of 220 votes, 65% like it

Bring Back Naptime!,
by Amber, of 68 votes, 43% like it

Haikus are easy but sometimes they don't make sense, refrigerator,
by Rolf Nelson, of 147 votes, 80% like it

I like movies, long walks on the beach, and clich├ęs,
by Matthew Goddard, of 136 votes, 49% like it

I'd give my left arm to play drums for Def Leppard,
by William Knight, of 126 votes, 42% like it.
. (Removed)

CANADA: living the American dream without the violence since 1867,
by Roderick Greene, of 80 votes, 60% like it.

A city built on rock n' roll would be structurally unsound,
by Julie Maire, of 107 votes, 72% like it.

For Sale by Parents,
by Seth Anderson, of 103 votes, 58% like it.

Stop destroying our planet. It's where I keep all my stuff,
by Lawrence Pernica, of 359 votes, 64% like it.

HONK if you're about to run me over,
by QuasiProto, of 222 votes, 39% like it.

Fractions speak louder than Nerds,
by Stuart Colebrook, of 226 votes, 59% like it.

Shakespeare hates your emo poems,
by Pieces of Cheese, of 940 votes, 45% like it.

Stop Drop and Roll Doesn't Work in Hell,
by Ninny007, of 36 votes, 58% like it.

Sublim--I'm awesome--inal ,
by mcgowen007, of 159 votes, 41% like it.

We'll be safe in this dark, creepy barn,
by MyNameHere, of 61 votes, 44% like it

Purple is the new blue and red,
by Phillip Tang, of 107 votes, 42% like it.

Death, our nation's number one killer,
by James Burns, of 189 votes, 43% like it

This is in spanish when you are not looking,
by muffinpants, of 69 votes, 51% like it

So far, this is the oldest i have ever been,
by Ariel Pascoe, of 103 votes, 51% like it

Ninjas and pirates agree: cowboys suck,
by Danielle B, of 105 votes, 53% like it

If you can read this make me a sandwich,
by Anthony Mihovich, of 106 votes, 43% like it

Pickles are just cucumbers soaked in evil,
by TrippleZero, of 325 votes, 43% like it.

Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder,
by Stu, of 718 votes, 50% like it.

i shower naked.
by Miciah Anderson, of 129 votes, 49% like it.

in case of emergency, break dance,
by Miciah Anderson, of 203 votes, 52% like it.

Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow,
by Brett Steelman, of 166 votes, 52% like it.

by Greg Poulos, of 184 votes, 42% like it

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The staff's really unpredictable especially in selecting slogans and prints. (lovin the randomness)

But now, I think the current rule in printing a slogan is:
Pimped slogans never get printed.

I have never read in the blogs the printed slogans of the past few weeks... :)

Garnett F

Thanks again, BTZ! Well found. It does seem to be pretty random. Looks like all our slogan pimping, and even slogan voting is all for nought - Threadless decide at the end of the day. Still, makes us feel empowered anyway, right?


yep, well said, garnett..

I very much agree with ya! ;)


I'm not quite understanding the correlation between blogging about your slogan and getting more votes. Can someone search for your slogan and vote specifically for it, or does everyone have to click through all the submissions on the voting page?


I think this will be dead for a while. It's doubtful they'll print any slogan in the Holiday sale. :(

nintechno profile pic Alumni

Yeah, you are probably right zero. Bah!


after almost one month of no new slogan tees...

finally, one is born! Rejoice, Slogan Community! :D

so... here's the great type tee:

Allow me to explain through interpretive dance
of 220 votes, 65% like it

by Darkie!! :D



not one month... months I mean... XD

pieces of cheese
pieces of cheese profile pic Alumni

yeah whats goin on with not making more slogan tees?
i want to win another one!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

chesse miester, come on over to the biggest and best slogan blog on threadless, The Official Slogan Blog!, and become a member (pretty much by just asking) and you might have a chance at another winner! But christ man, let some of us hog the spotlight for a little while now that youyrs just got re-printed AGAIN!!! lol.

sharlajay profile pic Alumni

Mine won with 20% :)


yeah...vote mine


Well Martiandrivein has a lot of good slogans...

I wish more people would vote on mine. :S

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

man- how many of us have several slogans well over 50 percent and still no bites from Threadless? They've got stuff at 40-45 percent most of the time that was printed. Plus, we;ve gotten more votes than many of these prints, so they are more threadless tested and approved. Geez, what up with this cwazy ass website?

Garnett F

Jees - it's been so long since the last type tee, I'd forgotten how to find the info...


Frickinawesome.... it's also about making it look good on a shirt. All the slogans they chose had a good execution that was probably obvious to them when making the decision.

Garnett F

And back up to date.

All my neat formatting seems to have been b*ggered. Anyone know how I can put the text alongside the pics?

Kojima profile pic Alumni

use a table



Kojima profile pic Alumni



Kojima profile pic Alumni

can't show you HTML. Doesn't display

Garnett F

Don't think Tables will work. Anyone else with any ideas?

Garnett F

Cheers, Victimofopportunity. Not quite what I had in mind, but that's definitely a better way to present these...


Hmm, with winner's percentages like this, there's hope yet...
Now if only I had some artistic talent.

Thanks a bundle for the info, eh?


I laughed very hard at most of these. Thanks to all.
... (wipes away tear.)

Garnett F

Thanks DejaTee - forgot to update this.


wow, it's been a looong time since I last posted here. This was my comfort zone blog before, when I was too shy to mingle with the other members of the threadless community.

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

It's like I've been waiting forever for Sublim-I'mAwesom-inal to be reprinted.

Starfish Reverie

70 votes, 26%, and still won?

Maybe I still do have a chance.

Besides, I have a good feeling about my newest. =o

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Starfish, that was the exception not the rule as you can see. But it IS an amazing slogan which i have nestled in my closet taking up space...most AWESOMELY! Hey, if Threadless prints shirts occasioanlly with 1.80 scores, we can have al ow-scoring slogan making the cut every once in a while...


I hope mine wins. I really like it.

Starfish Reverie

Well, the exception isn't all that uncommon apparently. There are quite a few with under 50% scores.

Even if mine doesn't win, I can still churn out a whole bunch in hopes that one of them will win.

I come up with them instead of paying attention in health class. Because mandatory health class are suck.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

They are indeed starfishies, and i never said that 50 percent was the cutoff. But at least 40 percent is almost universally the line of no print. But who cares, it's all about having fuun with tons of witty sentences and making other people laugh and have fun, no matter what the score turns out to be!

Starfish Reverie

Yeah, some of the best slogans never see the light of day. ;_;

Kinda sad really, because there are some I come across that I'd simply love to wear on a shirt.


Do they just pick a slogan winner when they feel like it, or do they do it every month or something?


Ack! Your invisibility cloak slogan is better than mine, AND you spelt it right!


Oops, last message in wrong thread. I suck.


-sighs- i want be be a slogan lady. :(

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

chance, i like your "fortune teller" and "hypocondriac rappers" slogans a lot! you should come on over to the Official Slogan Club's treehouse of non-stop blinged-out slogan parties. Everyone who's anyone in the punctuation game knows what time it is. By the way do you have the time?


I have my fingers crossed - I have a bunch that are over 50%, but that doesn't seem to matter too much. Does Threadless notify winners as soon as they're chosen, or do the winners find out by logging in to the interweb on Monday afternoon?

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