[Type Tees] Printed Slogans and percentages

All slogans printed so far, with percentages and links to the writer's slogans page.
Click picture to go to shirt and text to go to submission page.

I listen to bands that don't even exist yet.,
by Freakinawesome, of 342 votes, 61% like it

It's good to know someone's watching my back.,
by Tracerbullet, of 186 votes, 70% like it

You just lost our staring contest.,
by pseudonymjones, of 133 votes, 68% like it

To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate.,
by liich , of 57 votes, 54% like it

This shirt hides my cold, robot interior.,
by evade , of 90 votes, 53% like it

I'm A Noun!,
by Sharlajay , of 70 votes, 26% like it

being vague is almost as fun as doing this other thing,
by Torakamikaze , of 191 votes, 66% like it

Allow me to explain through interpretive dance,
by Darkie, of 220 votes, 65% like it

Bring Back Naptime!,
by Amber, of 68 votes, 43% like it

Haikus are easy but sometimes they don't make sense, refrigerator,
by Rolf Nelson, of 147 votes, 80% like it

I like movies, long walks on the beach, and clichés,
by Matthew Goddard, of 136 votes, 49% like it

I'd give my left arm to play drums for Def Leppard,
by William Knight, of 126 votes, 42% like it.
. (Removed)

CANADA: living the American dream without the violence since 1867,
by Roderick Greene, of 80 votes, 60% like it.

A city built on rock n' roll would be structurally unsound,
by Julie Maire, of 107 votes, 72% like it.

For Sale by Parents,
by Seth Anderson, of 103 votes, 58% like it.

Stop destroying our planet. It's where I keep all my stuff,
by Lawrence Pernica, of 359 votes, 64% like it.

HONK if you're about to run me over,
by QuasiProto, of 222 votes, 39% like it.

Fractions speak louder than Nerds,
by Stuart Colebrook, of 226 votes, 59% like it.

Shakespeare hates your emo poems,
by Pieces of Cheese, of 940 votes, 45% like it.

Stop Drop and Roll Doesn't Work in Hell,
by Ninny007, of 36 votes, 58% like it.

Sublim--I'm awesome--inal ,
by mcgowen007, of 159 votes, 41% like it.

We'll be safe in this dark, creepy barn,
by MyNameHere, of 61 votes, 44% like it

Purple is the new blue and red,
by Phillip Tang, of 107 votes, 42% like it.

Death, our nation's number one killer,
by James Burns, of 189 votes, 43% like it

This is in spanish when you are not looking,
by muffinpants, of 69 votes, 51% like it

So far, this is the oldest i have ever been,
by Ariel Pascoe, of 103 votes, 51% like it

Ninjas and pirates agree: cowboys suck,
by Danielle B, of 105 votes, 53% like it

If you can read this make me a sandwich,
by Anthony Mihovich, of 106 votes, 43% like it

Pickles are just cucumbers soaked in evil,
by TrippleZero, of 325 votes, 43% like it.

Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder,
by Stu, of 718 votes, 50% like it.

i shower naked.
by Miciah Anderson, of 129 votes, 49% like it.

in case of emergency, break dance,
by Miciah Anderson, of 203 votes, 52% like it.

Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow,
by Brett Steelman, of 166 votes, 52% like it.

by Greg Poulos, of 184 votes, 42% like it

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Interesting, by the way look at my slogans

Garnett F

Thanks Backtozero, but I can't find the submission page. Any help appreciated...

Garnett F

Grrrrr! Still can't find it...


Please vote on my slogans.

Larlar profile pic Alumni

Garnett, it's right here.


wow just 39%


Garnett F

Thanks Larlar! How'd 'you find it?

Larlar profile pic Alumni

Well we knew it was by QuasiProto, right?

You just type in http://www.threadless.com/profile/quasiproto and it takes you to his profile. You don't actually ever need to type in that seemingly arbitrary number into the url.

The strange thing is...if you didn't know you could do this, I have no idea how you found all those past links.


Wow. That means Big BRAM is the highest printed then! :)

Garnett F

Larlar! Thanks a lot for that. That's handy to know.

I've found the others by doing site: searches in google.


Hm. According to this I need to have a 39% 'I'd wear it' vote or high to have a chance at getting printed.

Garnett F

Congratulations Larlar!

(Obviously printed because you helped me out earlier in this blog - note that everybody: it is clearly good luck to contribute here!)

With some other very high percentages, I reckon Larlar will get printed again soon.


"Stop destroying our planet" is not original either. It from Tick, that superhero-parody cartoon. Sigh


it shouldn't be allowed to submit THAT MANY SLOGANS :|



way to go on the list.
must have taken quite a bit of time.


"For Sale By Parents" by TheMathKid aka Seth Anderson

It was at 66% from 89 votes at its time of print. The highest slogan rating so far for this list :/


This is a great list. Very well organized. Good work man.

(vote on my slogans!)

Garnett F

Thanks Doktag - should look at my own blog before I go hunting for the new printed slogans.

Unfortunately the percentages had changed by the time I found them - first time that's ever happened. Nobody's felt strongly enough about a slogan already printed to actually vote on it after the event before!

Guess that says something.

Anyway, well done Seth - from the look of things this is your only submission and it's got printed!

Spires - spaces added.

Garnett F

Whoa! Hold on a second - Seth- you actually slated "Honk - if you're about to run me over"? (on this blog). Blimey. Maybe you deserve a bit of the bashing...


some superb slogans here too, if anyone cares, haha.


damn, forgot the link :-)


Ah I was waiting for this list to be updated! It's going on my favourites bar now so I can track it like spencekarl's lists. Anyone wants to vote on my slogans feel free, I want to join the printed club and have people bash my slogans in the blogs!


that for Sale by Parents

had like 88 votes with 66% percent the actual time it was released

people just mad voted it down now because it sucks

ladykat profile pic Alumni

for sale by parents . . . i think it's pretty cute


for sale, you can still vote on it =P


its always like that

Garnett F

Congrats Julie! Highest percentage by a long way. Gonna take some beating...


Votes have nothing to do with it (see my slogans)


My bet is on Cactus Pirate for next week


Ultimately, it's like the designs and it's up to the staff.

Garnett F

Ha. Built to spill, I was all ready to check out your slogans and come back with a "You're so full of yourself" reply, but they're good. Good luck with those. Also appreciate your selectiveness. No vast swathes of crap to scroll through to see your best. I reckon a 10 slogan limit might be a good idea...

call me peanut

awesome job on the list.....i've got a long way to go if i want to win [ check out my slogans some time : ) ]

plastikaa profile pic Alumni

Im doubtful on some of the slogan percentages - as the number of votes suggest theyve been heavily pimped to friends and such.

Garnett F

Thanks a lot Backtozero - the percentage has chaged a bit now - some player haters clearly been trying to "redress the balance". I'm gonna put it down as what you said since you've helped me out here loads, and it seems unfair to put down the new percentage after nearly a day of "additional voting".

Plastikaa, you could well be right, but that's why Threadless has ultimate control over what goes to the presses.

Well Done Aristarchus. I like your slogans, and you've kept them trimmed.


Yo Garnett! Update the blog dude!

Please? x


why aren't the slogans dropped when they win ...


woopps.. sorry about the messed up link...


Dude... where the hell are ya?!

Garnett F

Sorry! I've been away for some time.

Gees - I go away, and come back and miss out on a Threadless scandal! Not sure what to put for "I'd give...". - Anyone got a link to the product page, or has it been completely erased?

Garnett F

Oh - and a big thank you to Lovesushi and Backtozero for the help. Used your stats rather than the percentages as they now stand. (Who goes and votes on a slogan that's already printed? - Weird, no?)

Garnett F

Well done to Martiandrivein! - New highest percentage printed.

Also damn nice to have blogged about it! - Made the job of finding who submitted it a damn sight easier.

If anyone has a pic of "Def Leppard" I could link to for the sake of completeness, I'd be really grateful.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

OMG... I'm shocked at some of those stats! They printed one slogan with only 36 votes? And the Shakespeare one got 940 votes??

hehe... so it seem that the goal to hit to have a chance to get printed is to get 39% or higher with about 100 votes.

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