[Type Tees] Printed Slogans and percentages

All slogans printed so far, with percentages and links to the writer's slogans page.
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I listen to bands that don't even exist yet.,
by Freakinawesome, of 342 votes, 61% like it

It's good to know someone's watching my back.,
by Tracerbullet, of 186 votes, 70% like it

You just lost our staring contest.,
by pseudonymjones, of 133 votes, 68% like it

To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate.,
by liich , of 57 votes, 54% like it

This shirt hides my cold, robot interior.,
by evade , of 90 votes, 53% like it

I'm A Noun!,
by Sharlajay , of 70 votes, 26% like it

being vague is almost as fun as doing this other thing,
by Torakamikaze , of 191 votes, 66% like it

Allow me to explain through interpretive dance,
by Darkie, of 220 votes, 65% like it

Bring Back Naptime!,
by Amber, of 68 votes, 43% like it

Haikus are easy but sometimes they don't make sense, refrigerator,
by Rolf Nelson, of 147 votes, 80% like it

I like movies, long walks on the beach, and clichés,
by Matthew Goddard, of 136 votes, 49% like it

I'd give my left arm to play drums for Def Leppard,
by William Knight, of 126 votes, 42% like it.
. (Removed)

CANADA: living the American dream without the violence since 1867,
by Roderick Greene, of 80 votes, 60% like it.

A city built on rock n' roll would be structurally unsound,
by Julie Maire, of 107 votes, 72% like it.

For Sale by Parents,
by Seth Anderson, of 103 votes, 58% like it.

Stop destroying our planet. It's where I keep all my stuff,
by Lawrence Pernica, of 359 votes, 64% like it.

HONK if you're about to run me over,
by QuasiProto, of 222 votes, 39% like it.

Fractions speak louder than Nerds,
by Stuart Colebrook, of 226 votes, 59% like it.

Shakespeare hates your emo poems,
by Pieces of Cheese, of 940 votes, 45% like it.

Stop Drop and Roll Doesn't Work in Hell,
by Ninny007, of 36 votes, 58% like it.

Sublim--I'm awesome--inal ,
by mcgowen007, of 159 votes, 41% like it.

We'll be safe in this dark, creepy barn,
by MyNameHere, of 61 votes, 44% like it

Purple is the new blue and red,
by Phillip Tang, of 107 votes, 42% like it.

Death, our nation's number one killer,
by James Burns, of 189 votes, 43% like it

This is in spanish when you are not looking,
by muffinpants, of 69 votes, 51% like it

So far, this is the oldest i have ever been,
by Ariel Pascoe, of 103 votes, 51% like it

Ninjas and pirates agree: cowboys suck,
by Danielle B, of 105 votes, 53% like it

If you can read this make me a sandwich,
by Anthony Mihovich, of 106 votes, 43% like it

Pickles are just cucumbers soaked in evil,
by TrippleZero, of 325 votes, 43% like it.

Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder,
by Stu, of 718 votes, 50% like it.

i shower naked.
by Miciah Anderson, of 129 votes, 49% like it.

in case of emergency, break dance,
by Miciah Anderson, of 203 votes, 52% like it.

Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow,
by Brett Steelman, of 166 votes, 52% like it.

by Greg Poulos, of 184 votes, 42% like it

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Garnett F

Just found "in case of emergency..." and I was going to congratulate Miciah (also printed for "I shower naked"), but then I guess if you submit 812 slogans, just by sheer averages you're going to get lucky once or twice...


cool. if you find the rest this list could look nice cleaned up and sorted.

Mindrenew profile pic Alumni

The problem is, even winning slogans can still be voted on. So you can't see the % it was at when Threadless decided to print it.

Garnett F

Ah - that's true. Hopefully not too many people will bother voting for slogans already printed. I thought it would be useful to see what other slogans were being suggested by those who'd had a slogan printed.

Mindrenew profile pic Alumni

Then again, it still gives you a rough idea of what % they might have been at :)

Nice work on the list.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

it seems like probability would dictate that the same percentage of people would like the slogan over time, unless there was some event that caused more people to like or dislike the slogan... such as seeing it printed on a t-shirt


Good list. How did you find the ones you've already got?


^I tried that this morning when I first saw this with some of their names thinking it would show their profile, but it didn't work...

Garnett F

5115, yeah, it was annoying. I thought it wouldn't take long, but I could only find some under the slogan and some others under the names. Bit hit and miss really...


I want to try and find one! I'm working on it...


Cheers Garnett, a few minutes reading about google advanced searches, and now I feel like a l33t h4x02 with my newfound site:www.etc and link:www.etc search skillz.

BTW MyNmaeHere clearly wins the sumissions:printed slogans best ratio prize.

Garnett F

Woo! Found "Procrastinators" Only 8 left to get...

Garnett F

And "Purple". 7...

Garnett F

Grrrr. 7 down, 7 to go. Halfway. And I'm stuck. Can anybody help?


You have done well. I can find no others. If you complete this list it will be useful.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

the guy with over 800 slogans ahahha
that's amazing.

Garnett F

I can't find TrippleZero and Muffinpants anywhere on Threadless, but I did find their old OMG profile pages and both slogans appear there (here, and here).

Have Threadless just carried over some slogans from OMG?

Garnett F

Woo! Thanks Spencekarl, you're great. How did you find those?

Garnett F

Cheers Spence, found Ninjas and cowboys using that.


Miciah also has a death#1 killer slogan...

Garnett F

Well spotted casualfighter. Not sure if that is it though, cos of the different author name.

Garnett F

(Also, just found "so far")

Garnett F

And "meat is murder". Two left!

Garnett F

And "Make me a sandwich".

One left!

Mindrenew profile pic Alumni

You're on fire :) Again, nice work on the list!

Garnett F

Cheers Mindrenew. Got them all now! Wooo! "Death" was the bitch of the bunch.


Awesome work, interesting to see what sort of scores are being nabbed from the pack....

Garnett F

"Stop, drop" - highest percentage printed so far but after only 36 votes! Another slogan carried over from OMG Clothing -but check out Ninny007's submissions page - only one slogan submitted, and it's printed. 100% track record so far!


You know i thought i read stop,drop from somebody else's page....

Garnett F

Shakespeare hates your emo poems - Highest number of votes so far - another slogan carried over from OMG Clothing.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Hmmm... my best has more votes than all but 3 of those and a higher percentage of all of them. Maybe I do stand a chance.

chemi hydro

good luck. there are so many votes on it already it would be difficult for the haters to knock down the percentage at this point


It's nice that you made this!!! :))

great help to the aspiring slogan makers like me.


I am delighted by the score of stop, drop and roll. It goes to show that even if you don't have enough voters, if it has enough high score.. it could be chosen..


but then again, who doesn't want voterS? :)


I love this slogan of yours : Undercover. Tell no one.

I hope it gets printed

chemi hydro

backtozero:The problem with that is that I had a slogan higher than that at with that amount of voters but it has been slipping lately. It's dropped to 37% percent over the last week.

Any views on what the number of votes should be, since "stop, drop..." is obviously the one on the list that stands out statistically?

Garnett F

Thanks Backtozero.

Chemi Hydro - I think all the stats show is that at the end of the day Threadless decide what's gonna printed, not numbers of voters or percentages.

I'm not a big fan of Text Tees and if I'm honest I don't think I'd wear even some of my own submissions (although I did have a clear out after thinking about my hypocrisy!).

So far I think Threadless has made good calls. I think they could be a bit bolder with fonts, which seem to repeat quite often (Hmmmm, maybe I need add font type to the chart) and colour of Tee is very important (More Dakota Slate, Threadless, like sublim--I'm awesome--inal, that is surely the colour God's t-shirts are printed in) but other than that two thumbs up.

I think it's quite clear in retrospect what gets printed - anything new and original. If you've read anything like it before, heard it in a film, or seen something similar submitted already then your slogan's not gonna become enshrined in Threadless history...

Garnett F

Damn, damn, damn. Just realised: when I found "Make me a sandwich" I must have pasted in the wrong copied text. Now I can't find the submission page. Gah!

Will have to look later, when I've got more time...

They Call Me Special K

cool, this gives me hope. my 2 best slogans have higher percentages and more votes than many of those printed.

Garnett F

Hoopla and Boo - Found "Make me a sandwich" again (another OMG Clothing submission that only seems to come up on google under "anthony" and "sandwich" and not if you type "make me a sandwich" - very strange. But now all the slogans are gone, and my search may have been in vain...



you can add this :):

Fractions speak louder than nerds
of 226 votes, 59% like it


by Bramish by the way :)

Garnett F

Well done Bramish! Thanks Backtozero. Now I'm wondering whether to put usernames as well as the name given in the product page...


hmmm.. since the links above direct to their profiles, you could use their given names instead.

and besides, you started putting their given names.


stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

great list - it's a bit hard to track everything though. have you considered using a format more like the one spencekarl is using?



HONK if you're about to run me over
of 222 votes, 39% like it
by QuasiProto


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